Holidays in Bulgaria in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Bulgaria in August

Holidays in Bulgaria in August

The tourism business in this small country with access to the Black Sea is set to a high level. Here we are ready to receive the most capricious client, and at any time of the year. But the largest number of tourists still choose the summer season to fully enjoy the hot sunbathing and relaxing sea bathing. Holidays in Bulgaria in August will be affordable and to the liking of democratic youth, fastidious mothers with small children, families with a limited budget and rather wealthy individuals.

Weather in Bulgarian resorts

August continues the hot traditions of the previous month and pampers tourists with hot days, cool breezes and almost no rain.

The sun's rays raise the air temperature in Bulgarian resorts to +27 ° C. Bulgarian nights continue to keep the warmth of the sun, the column does not drop below +20 ° C. Sea water also has optimal performance, around +25 ° C.

Leisure and holidays

The last month of the hot Bulgarian summer is also rich in holidays. Depending on the place of rest, tourists have the opportunity to attend a solemn parade, in which sea vessels take part.

The capital will delight you with the scale of the folklore festival, where Bulgarians will gladly demonstrate the best examples of ancient folk music and singing, introduce you to the ancient dance art, invite you to tastings of Bulgarian delicacies.

The city of Bansko in August will also delight music lovers from all over the world, only this time loving jazz. The largest festival dedicated to musical improvisation is held here annually.

Space dance on the lakes

On August 18, fans and followers of the teachings of Pyotr Dynov, known for his spiritualistic séances, gather at the Seven Rila Lakes to perform Paneurhythmy together, a sacred dance that combines words, music, movement. The name of the dance-rite is translated as a universal cosmic rhythm, and it itself is a bewitching sight.

In addition to this enchanting dance, you can get to know more about the most beautiful glacial lakes. Each of them has its own name, guides will tell more than one beautiful legend about their origin. Interesting stories about the record-breaking lakes themselves.

Saint Ivan Rilski's Day

This is one of the most revered Bulgarian hermit monks, one of the first to retire from the sinful world. It is believed that, numbered among the saints during his lifetime, shrouded in legends, he continues to help people over the centuries. That is why, on August 18, thousands of pilgrims come to the Rila Monastery, located not far from the cave where the saint lived..

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