Taxi in Bulgaria - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Bulgaria

Taxi in Bulgaria

The approaching summer reminds of vacation, sea, sun and other pleasures. Many are already ready to go for the positive to the Black Sea, and the Bulgarian direction will be among the priority ones, since rest, tourist routes, and taxis in Bulgaria pleasantly delight guests coming to rest.

The nuances of the Bulgarian taxi

It is a little upsetting that Bulgaria does not yet have a single telephone by which one could call a taxi to a certain place and at the right time. But in every city and resort there are several competing services that allow locals and tourists to choose the best option in terms of cost and quality of travel..

Each city in Bulgaria has its own companies, their phones are easy to find at the hotel administrator or in tourist information centers. Many hypermarkets and train stations have special telephones designed only for calling taxis. And at the Sofia airport there is a special person who helps tourists to order a taxi..

Many of the local taxi services have free mobile phone numbers. You can find out such phones on the company's website. Since the Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgaria, and the language is quite understandable without translation, it is very convenient to use the sites.

Trip price

In Bulgaria, there is no single pricing policy for the services involved in transportation. Competing with each other, various Bulgarian companies are forced to seek compromises, that is, the cost of the trip will not differ very much for taxis from different companies in the same city. The exception is resort cities, where, firstly, the prices themselves are higher, and secondly, experienced taxi drivers instantly calculate newcomers in the city who are not guided by prices, and can ask for a fabulous amount.

Taxi fare includes the following items: boarding (read as the initial tax, 0.50 BNG), mileage (about 0.60 BNG), simple (010 BNG), call, although it is usually free.

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