Regions of Bulgaria - regions, provinces of Bulgaria

Regions of Bulgaria

The language of this country is very similar to Russian, and therefore the name of the regions into which its territory is divided sounds familiar - "region". The map contains 28 regions of Bulgaria, each of which is divided into communities. There are 264 communities in the country. They are led by the city councilors, or village heads. By the way, in the European Union, of which Bulgaria is a member, there is a special regulation of territorial and administrative division. According to the adopted protocol, the country should have regions of the first and second orders. Such regions of Bulgaria exist, but only as statistical zones, that is, "to correspond".

Repeating the alphabet

All 28 regions of the country are governed by governors appointed by the Council of Ministers, and the name of each region always corresponds to the name of the administrative center, which greatly simplifies the task of moving around the country for tourists.
The most populous region of the country is the capital of Sofia and the regions of Bulgaria: Burgas, Plovdiv and Varna.

"Bulgaria is not abroad"

This is exactly how the second part of the proverb sounded about the fact that a chicken is not a bird, which in Soviet times was ironically spoken by less fortunate colleagues to every lucky person who received a ticket to the local resorts. In fact, a beach vacation in Bulgaria in those years was a cherished dream of any resident of the country of the Soviets, because in Golden Sands and in Varna life was raging, very similar to the one that you could catch a glimpse of in Western films.
The best resorts in the country still exist today. They are located in the Burgas, Dobrich and Varna regions of Bulgaria, which have access to the Black Sea. In the summer season, life is habitually in full swing here, hotels are open for every taste and budget, and the Russian language is still understood, which greatly simplifies the life of every vacationer..

For curious music lovers

Bulgaria is famous not only for its beach resorts. In addition to the Black Sea Riviera, there are other tourist destinations here. For example, in the Vidin region of Bulgaria, in the Belogradchik community near the village of Rabisha, there is the famous Mogura cave, in which archaeologists have discovered the Neolithic solar calendar. This is the oldest building of its kind in the Old World. In addition to rock carvings, the cave can offer visitors classical music concerts held here in the Triumphal Hall. Thanks to the excellent acoustics of the cave, classical music sounds perfectly under the underground vaults..