Ski resorts in Bulgaria: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Bulgaria

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

Every year there is a growing interest in the resorts of Bulgaria, not only located on the Black Sea coast, but also in ski resorts. This trend does not seem surprising, because Bulgaria has many undeniable advantages, given which tourists tend to visit a nearby country in the Balkans. The first advantage, by the way, is just a short flight and inexpensive air tickets. In addition, the widespread knowledge of Russian in Bulgaria is an important reason for its popularity. However, the Bulgarian itself is quite understandable to tourists from the former Soviet Union. The hospitable people of the neighboring Black Sea country and pleasant hotel service are another plus in the treasury of the advantages of Bulgarian skiing and snowboarding..
Bulgaria will give one hundred points ahead to the famous European resorts in terms of prices. Everything here is incomparably cheaper: hotel accommodation, meals, ski passes, and off-piste entertainment. There are many schools in the Bulgarian ski resorts where you can teach a child to ski or snowboard and get on the slope yourself. There are plenty of Russian-speaking trainers, and the prices are quite reasonable.
Bulgaria is still only developing its ski resorts, and therefore cannot boast of having extreme slopes or super-sophisticated snow parks. Here you can also find queues for the lifts, which are not the latest models. Nevertheless, tourists willingly come to the local resorts, because it is in Bulgaria that you can ride calmly and at home.

Bansko resort

The old Bulgarian town has a good resort infrastructure and boasts high-quality slopes. The season begins here in late autumn or early winter, and the snow lies confidently until mid-April. You can get here from Sofia, the journey will take about three hours. The temperature in January does not drop below -7 degrees, and therefore the weather in Bansko is very comfortable for skiing.
The length of all tracks in the resort is about 70 kilometers. Novice skiers and boarders usually ride in Chalin-Valog, a low and small area where schools operate. In the Shiligarniki area, athletes will find more serious tracks, including the best in the country, according to the testimony of professionals. For boarders, it will be a pleasant surprise to discover not only suitable slopes at the resort, but also an excellent fan park with a half-pipe..
In Bansko it is much more convenient and economical to buy a single ski pass for the entire skiing period. There are usually queues for the lifts from the very morning, but by 10 o'clock it becomes free there..

Borovets resort

This ski area is located just 70 kilometers from the capital of the country. Once upon a time, Bulgarian kings hunted here, because of the special beauty of these places. Borovets is located on the slope of Rila Mountain, surrounded by evergreen coniferous forests, and therefore the local air seems especially clean and healthy.
Borovets tracks are highly prepared. This is evidenced by the fact that the resort has twice become the venue for the international ski cup. The ski area is conventionally divided into three areas. Sitnyakovo can be recommended for green boarders and skiers and those who are already quite confident on the board. Schools in this area are especially popular, because former famous and titled athletes work as instructors..
In Yastrebets, intermediate skiers usually ride, however, there is also one «black» track. Marakujica also has a place for more experienced athletes to turn around. Borovets also did not forget about the boardwalkers, and they can try their luck and grab their adrenaline rush on 18 slopes here..
The best way to buy ski passes here is for unlimited skiing for a week..

Pamporovo resort

The Pamporovo resort is geographically the southernmost in the country. There is most of all the sun here, and the Rhodope Mountains look especially effective in clear weather. The season, despite the mild winter, lasts from the first days of December to mid-April: the proximity of the sea guarantees abundant snow during the entire skiing period.
The infrastructure of the resort is well developed, modern lifts work. The total length of the slopes is small - only about 17 kilometers, but the resort is ideal for snowboarding and skiing. Beginners especially like it here - after all, in Pamporovo there are very soft wide slopes on which you can stand on the board for the first time and work out the technique of performing some exercises.
In addition to winter sports, this Bulgarian town gladly invites its guests to improve their health and gain strength in radon baths filled with natural thermal springs. Thanks to this gift of nature, balneological centers have been opened here, where rest and treatment is customary to combine in Pamporovo with skiing and snowboarding..

Photos of ski resorts in Bulgaria