Holidays in Cambodia in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cambodia in July

Vacation in Cambodia in July

Vacation in Cambodia in July

This small state, lost in the jungle in the southeast of Asia, does not lose its attractiveness for tourists, increasing its potential in the field of entertainment and knowledge every year. Holidays in Cambodia in July primarily attracts lovers of oriental exoticism, since, according to many, it is a country of mysterious temples, countless treasures and exotic dishes like a frog in ginger sauce.

Climate and weather in Cambodia

The weather and climate conditions are considered not very suitable for the pampered European tourist who is ready for all sorts of feats and overcoming in order to get to know the mysterious country of Cambodia. Therefore, those who are going here in summer should prepare for the monsoon, extremely humid and hot climate..

July opens the season of record-breaking months for heavenly moisture, it pleases that local showers are a short-term phenomenon, however, a raincoat will not hurt anyone. The daytime temperature soars up to +32 ° C, and the record values ​​of +42 ° C, the matter is complicated by high humidity, in which the heat is much worse tolerated.

Exotic dishes

You can wait out the bad weather in the city in any of the local restaurants, at the same time open the mysterious curtain of exotic recipes. Most of the products used by Cambodian chefs are, in principle, well known to the European tourist, there shouldn't be any surprises. In practice, an unusual dish with a special taste and specific aroma still comes out, since unconventional processing methods, local spices and sauces are used. For example, rice pasta, which is served with a sauce based on coconut milk, which is added here to almost all dishes. Fish is very popular among local residents; it is wrapped in lettuce leaves, baked, and poured with spicy sauce when serving..

Travel to Angkor

This is the most famous historical complex in Cambodia. Perhaps he remained lost in the jungle, revealing his beauty to rare locals or the most curious tourists, if not for the famous beauty Angelina Jolie, who played the role of a cool girl Lara, who is not afraid of adventures that have fallen on her head. Following Lara Angelina, crowds of tourists poured into Angkor to discover the unknown world of the largest religious building in the world.

The structure consists of three levels and has an infinite number of transitions and stairs. This grandiose structure is crowned with five beautiful towers. This temple is called the soul of the Khmers and the heart of the nation. In total, there are two hundred different kinds of monuments and monuments on the territory of this national park..

Vacation photos in Cambodia

  • Vacation in Cambodia in July
  • Vacation in Cambodia in July