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Cambodia Tourism

Cambodia Tourism

Once this state fought staunchly against external and internal enemies, trying to defend its independence. Now Cambodia is peacefully inclined to guests from abroad, cordially opens its borders, proudly demonstrates its natural and cultural attractions..

It is clear that the country cannot compete with neighboring Thailand, although tourism in Cambodia, albeit slowly but surely, is developing and moving in the right direction. Local tour operators know how to attract a client, this is an Asian highlight in recreation, entertainment, cuisine, souvenirs.

Everything is calm in Cambodia

It is still impossible to speak about the complete safety of a tourist's stay in this country. After all the bloody wars, many local residents still keep firearms at home. Therefore, it is better for a tourist not to enter into conflicts with individual hot representatives of the country..

As in any other country in the world, you need to be extremely careful on vacation, especially where there are a lot of tourists or locals. Keep valuables and money under supervision in markets, shops, beaches.

In Cambodia, you should be careful with the cuisine; many products unusual for a European and the methods of their preparation contribute to indigestion. You should also be careful when dealing with the local fauna, which, unlike Cambodians, is sometimes very unfriendly towards tourists..

To the park, everyone to the park

True, Cambodian parks are significantly different from the neat, well-groomed, clean territories familiar to Europeans. National parks in this country have no beginning and no end, and just as quickly can pick up an inattentive tourist, like the now famous Angkor, a city that was once lost in the jungle..

While in Cambodia, you should choose one of the unique natural complexes to visit, each of them has its own face:

  • Virchai, considered the largest national park;
  • Ream Park, striking with mangrove thickets;
  • the most famous park complex of Angkor with its unique structures and mysteries.

In Bokor Park, you can see relict tropical forests and mountain savannas, which are under state protection. Rainforests are an amazing sight, for which many tourists are ready to spend many hours in the sky to get here and see them with their own eyes..

The main attraction is not natural beauty, but the unique architectural structures of Angkor created by the hands of an ancient Cambodian, which became famous thanks to the magnificent actress Angelina Jolie.


  • Cambodia Tourism
  • Cambodia Tourism
  • Cambodia Tourism