Holidays in Cambodia in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cambodia in May

Holidays in Cambodia in May

Holidays in Cambodia in May

Finally Cambodia emerges from the shadow of the monster of the tourism business, Thailand, and begins an independent life of the country, ready to satisfy all the wishes and requests of any guest.

Climatic conditions

Cambodia is located in the tropics, and therefore monsoons and heat come along with summer, dry weather sets in winter. A tourist should be prepared for frequent rains and stock up on umbrellas and raincoats. True, May is not yet the wettest month, which cannot please a tourist who came to rest in Cambodia in May..

Rules of life

So far, this country cannot compare with its neighbors, more advanced in the tourist business, in terms of the number of hotels. However, even here you can find decent hotels at reasonable prices..

One of the entertainments for tourists living in cities and towns is visiting local markets. They open very early, so it is advisable for a tourist to send his feet there early to enjoy the amazing range. Closer to noon, trade stops - the local siesta begins. The finest silk fabrics, jewelry, wickerwork from local artisans are excellent souvenirs..

Educational excursions

Cambodia slowly reveals its amazing places to the tourist, offering journeys into the depths of history. One of the popular routes runs through Angkor, the ancient capital of the Khmers. In total, about a hundred unique temples and palaces have survived here. And only tourists with a good imagination can try to imagine how everything looked here before..

Tourists also love to walk around Phnom Penh, the capital of the kingdom. Many of the sights were lost irretrievably as a result of various military operations. But among the many skyscrapers and modern architectural structures, you can find real cultural treasures, such as the Silver Pagoda.

Pagoda etiquette

Khmers are very peaceful in their attitude towards foreign guests and forgive them a lot, including excessive curiosity, stupid questions and even inappropriate behavior. And yet, when visiting holy places for every Cambodian, you should remember some rules and try to adhere to them. First of all, this applies to clothing: mini-skirts or short shorts are unacceptable when visiting temples, shoes are always left outside the door. It is necessary to treat monks with respect, ask permission to photograph, leave small donations.

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  • Holidays in Cambodia in May
  • Holidays in Cambodia in May