Prices in the Caribbean - food, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take for the Caribbean

Caribbean prices

In general, prices in the Caribbean islands are quite high, but in any case, they depend on which country that owns part of the islands you choose for vacation (Costa Rica, Barbados, Cuba, etc.). So, tours to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic will cost more than to Cuba, Jamaica or Haiti.

Shopping and souvenirs

Many countries in the Caribbean are duty-free, which means that you can buy a variety of goods here at affordable prices. The best islands for shopping are Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba, Martinique, Grand Cayman.

In the Caribbean, you will have the opportunity to purchase original and high quality jewelry. At your service - leading stores: Effy (original design jewelry), Diamond International (jewelry and watches), Columbian Emeralds (a huge selection of jewelry with emeralds).

What to bring as a souvenir of your vacation in the Caribbean?

  • glass boxes, ships made of shells, coral sprigs, cosmetics and perfumes, straw products (hats, bags), cigars, black pearl products, all kinds of talismans, mother-of-pearl and cat's-eye products, musical discs with national music, paintings by local artists, antique coins, shells of various sizes, wooden figurines of people, batik products, cosmetics based on coconut and aloe, souvenirs with pirate symbols (bandanas and T-shirts with skulls, sabers and pirate coins, pirate flag, trinkets and pendants in the form of sailing ships);
  • rum, wine, spices, coffee, sweets, tea.

In the Caribbean, you can buy cigars from $ 8, spices - from $ 1.5, ceramics - for $ 15-200, coffee - for $ 6, hammocks - for $ 15-100, jewelry - from $ 45, products from red, blue, green amber - for $ 30-500, rum - for $ 20, shells and starfish - from $ 1.5.

Excursions and entertainment

You can go on a 10-day excursion “In the footsteps of the pirates of the Caribbean”: you will visit the island of Barbados, walk through the Flower Forest, where unique tropical flowers grow, as well as visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and the Mount Gay rum factory. In Saint Vincent, you will take a sightseeing tour of Kingstown, the Botanical Gardens, Dark Falls, walk through the forest and swim in natural reservoirs. This excursion will cost you $ 2,600 excluding the cost of an international flight (the price includes airfare from Barbados to Saint Vincent and back, accommodation in 4-star hotels, meals - breakfasts, transfers, excursions, taxes, fees).

Optionally, you can go on an 8-day cruise “Pearls of the Caribbean”, during which you will visit the Dominican Republic, on about. Tortola (British Virgin Islands), Antigua and Barbuda, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin. This tour will cost you $ 500-2000 (the price depends on the category of the cabin). The price includes accommodation in a cabin, three meals a day, entertainment programs on board.


Public transport is represented mainly by buses and fixed-route taxis (1 trip costs $ 0.5-2.5). If you wish, you can rent a car: 1 day of rental costs at least $ 30 (the price depends on the make of the car and the region in which you will rent it).

On average, on vacation in the Caribbean, you will need $ 100-130 per day for 1 person.