Pyatigorsk observation platforms. List of the best observation decks in Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk observation decks

Pyatigorsk observation decks

Having made the ascent to the observation platforms of Pyatigorsk, travelers will be able to see the Lazarevskaya church, mountains, Lermontov's grotto, Proval and other places of interest from a different angle.

Mount Mashuk

This natural monument, with a height of more than 990 m, opens before guests a magnificent panorama of Pyatigorsk and its environs, while delighting guests with the presence of the following objects:

  • Alcove “Aeolian harp”: this observation deck, which offers scenic views, is tiled, with benches nearby for relaxation (lights are turned on in the evening).
  • Viewpoint “Sun gate”: this observation deck allows you to look at the microdistrict from a new perspective “White chamomile”, mountains Mashuk (at sunset it turns into warm bright colors) and Beshtau.
  • Cafe “Eagle's Nest”: being on the top of Mashuk, the institution pleases visitors with panoramic views of Pyatigorsk and the Greater Caucasus Range.

How to get there? Travelers should use the cable car service. Cable car fare: there - 210 rubles / adults (5-8 years old children - 50 rubles), round trip - 360 rubles / adults (100 rubles - children).

Chinese gazebo

This rather romantic place is popular with locals and visiting guests - in the evening it is pleasant to admire the city flooded with the light of street lamps from here, and in the afternoon - one of the best colorful panoramas of Pyatigorsk, the Podkumok River, Mashuk and Beshtau mountains. In addition to the gazebo, guests will be able to see the sculpture “Eagle” (she is the symbol of KavMinVod) and find “Wish tree” (to fulfill your wish, you need to tie a scarf or a piece of fabric to the branches of a tree).

How to get there? It is more convenient to get to Goryachaya mountain (southeastern ledge) from the side of the park “Flower garden”.

Academic gallery

The gallery (there is a café and an exhibition in the building, where, if you wish, you can acquire souvenirs and works of art) has an observation deck with an asphalt surface - from there you can see a view of the city and the park “Flower garden”.

Address: Kirov Avenue, 1a.

A restaurant “Panorama”

The institution treats visitors with delicious dishes of Caucasian cuisine, pleases with live music, invites them to admire nature and rocks from panoramic windows (those who like privacy are provided with individual gazebos with soft sofas).

Address: Gagarina boulevard 4a.

Kirov park

The park pleases its guests with a lake, picnic areas, a color music fountain, “Alley of love”, as well as various attractions, in particular, the 40-meter Ferris wheel, from the cabin of which, from a height, they can admire the Pyatigorsk beauties.

How to get there? To services of tourists - trams number 1-8 (address: Dunaevskogo street, 5).

Hotel from the top

It should be noted that, if desired, travelers can stay at the hotel “Alpina” (address: Sergeeva Street, 237) - it is interesting not only for its convenient location (5 minutes to the bus station, 15 minutes to the railway station), but also by the presence of its own observation deck overlooking the Caucasus mountains.


  • Pyatigorsk observation decks
  • Pyatigorsk observation decks
  • Pyatigorsk observation decks