Tours to Kislovodsk (Russia). Rest in Kislovodsk: photos, vouchers

Tours to Kislovodsk

Tours to Kislovodsk

The coat of arms of Kislovodsk depicts a fountain with mineral water, basking in the rays of the bright and hot southern sun. This is exactly what it is, Kislovodsk, the capital of the resort region Caucasian Mineral Waters and the largest balneological Russian resort. For those who like to relax with comfort and benefit, tours to Kislovodsk are an ideal option for spending a vacation..

Tormented by "Narzan"

It is in Kislovodsk that numerous mineral springs flow, giving people the healing water "Narzan". It is known far beyond the borders of Russia, and therefore tours to Kislovodsk are also booked by foreigners..
The local healing water has a slightly sour taste, hence the name of the city itself. "Narzan" in translation from the Adyghe means "the drink of the heroes", which is quite true: dozens of diseases and ailments are cured in the health resorts of the resort. Among the most common pathologies are digestive disorders and diseases of the circulatory system, hypertension and myocarditis, atherosclerosis and pulmonary insufficiency..
For the first time, the narzan sources were described in his scientific works by the physician of Tsar Peter I, who recommended healing water to Russian fans of European health resorts.

Briefly about the important

  • Going on tours to Kislovodsk, travelers try to choose the optimal time for themselves at the resort. The climate in Kislovodsk is particularly comfortable and mild. The mountains surrounding the resort guarantee protection from fog and strong winds, and therefore there are much more sunny days in Kislovodsk than in the surrounding areas.
  • Winter at the resort is moderately mild and thermometers rarely drop below 0. Real spring comes in May, and in October there is still so much sun that autumn looks more like summer.
  • You can get to the city by plane, train or road. The airport is located near the town of Mineralnye Vody, fifty kilometers from Kislovodsk. The railway station is located right in the city, and road transportation is carried out from various regional centers of Russia.
  • You can get around the city by trams and buses, and a network of fixed-route taxis is also developed. The most exotic mode of transport for the tour participants in Kislovodsk seems to be the cable car connecting the Gorny and Sredny city parks.
  • Once on a tour to Kislovodsk in May, you can become a spectator of the international film festival "Golden Knight", and in July, guests and residents of the city attend the events of the "Shalyapin Seasons".


  • Tours to Kislovodsk
  • Tours to Kislovodsk