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Ayia Napa Tours

Ayia Napa Tours

This Cypriot resort has a reputation as a local Ibiza: a beach holiday on the sea here is generously seasoned with a colorful and active nightlife, and even calm fathers of families descend from the balcony of a cozy room onto the dance floor for a maximum of the third night, so as not to waste a minute of precious time in forced insomnia. You won't have much sleep during the tour in Ayia Napa, but you will be able to stay up to date with the latest club music and taste all the cocktails fashionable in the season from the best bartenders in Europe..

History with geography

The easternmost resort on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is named after a monastery founded here in the 14th century. The name of the monastery meant "Holy Forest", because once these places were covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation. The miraculous icon found in ancient times in these parts prompted people to build a monastery, which now houses a museum of religion and history..

Blue flags

Unlike other beach areas in Cyprus, Ayia Napa began to be explored by Russian tourists relatively recently. Tours to Ayia Napa are especially popular not only among fans of nightlife, but also among travelers with children, because the local beaches are the cleanest on the island. Prestigious Blue Flags, awarded to ideal resorts for their contribution to the preservation of the environment, have visited this sand more than once.
Sun loungers and umbrellas on the beaches of the resort are paid, but by paying a small fee, the tourist can always count on the comfort, cleanliness and respectful attitude of the staff.

Briefly about the important

  • The international airport where you can start your Ayia Napa tour is located less than an hour's drive from the resort in Larnaca. The cheapest way to get from the terminal is by bus.
  • There is a rental car in the city, but it is especially popular only among those who decided to take a tour of the island. In the city itself, all distances are covered on foot in a few minutes. Moreover, the prices for car rental are impressive, and there are traditionally not enough parking spaces for everyone..
  • The season at the resort starts at the end of April, but for a comfortable bathing you will have to wait until mid-May.
  • When choosing a hotel, participants in Ayia Napa tours should evaluate their possibilities for nightlife. If the traveler's plans do not include unrestrained fun until the morning, you will have to carefully read the reviews about the hotel and prefer the one that was built away from clubs and restaurants..


  • Ayia Napa Tours
  • Ayia Napa Tours
  • Ayia Napa Tours