Water parks in Ayia Napa - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Ayia Napa

Water parks in Ayia Napa

The water park in Ayia Napa, stylized as ancient Greek myths, will delight lovers of both “calm”, and more extreme water attractions - here you can forget about problems and enjoy active rest!

Water park in Ayia Napa

At the disposal of the guests of the water park “Water world” are:

  • slides“The quest of heracles”,“The Fall of Icarus”, “Serpentine Slides”, “Drop to atlantis”;
  • “lazy” river, Atlantis Activity Pool with nets and crossings, Pegasus Pool with fountains, Greek columns and sun loungers, Poseidon’s Wave Pool, Aphrodite’s Bath;
  • Minotaur maze’s Labyrinth and Danaides Waterworks Children's Playground;
  • catering establishments.

The cost of admission is 38 euros / adults from 13 years old and 24 euros / 3-12 years old children. You can buy a seasonal ticket (its cost is 55 euros, including for a child), then you will be able to visit the water park any day in unlimited quantities, the only thing you will need to pay for each visit is 1 euro.

Water activities in Ayia Napa

The attention of vacationers deserves the Nissi Beach - on the coastline entertainment is available in the form of banana rides, volleyball games, sailing.

Looking for silence and solitude? Take a closer look at the eastern end of the beach. As for party lovers, it is advisable for them to move to the central part of the beach in the evening, when foam parties and discos are held here..

Regardless of the requests of vacationers, they will surely like another beach - Makronissos Beach: the Blue Flag flies on it, it is famous for its gentle entrance to the sea and the absence of pitfalls and sharp shells, which is important for children's recreation. Well, active tourists will have something to do here, namely - diving, water skiing and catamaran.

From Ayia Napa, if you wish, you can go on a boat trip to Cape Greco, sea caves, Protaras.

Novice divers will be offered to dive into Green Bay: there is a fish feeding rock at a depth of 3 m - beginners will be able to feed the fish with bread. With a gradual exploration of the bottom, they will find themselves on a sandy plateau, where a sunken city will appear in front of their eyes - here you can find fragments of ancient amphorae, meet rainbow crucians, flute fish, chromis.

Experienced divers will be able to dive at the Canyon dive site (a picturesque canyon located at a depth of 25 meters) - they will meet with Mediterranean moray eels and octopuses.

And those who want to explore the many caves are advised to dive in the town of Chapel (there is a chapel on the shore - to enter the water, you should go down to a small cave along the stone steps).


  • Water parks in Ayia Napa
  • Water parks in Ayia Napa