Prices in Limassol - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Limassol

Prices in Limassol

Prices in Limassol

Limassol is one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus. Every tourist is guaranteed a good rest there. Families with children, young travelers and older people go there. Excellent climate, comfort and exciting pastime are the factors that make the resort very popular among Russians..

High prices in Limassol are observed during the high season. Therefore, it is better to select a tour or book a hotel room long before the intended trip..

Accommodation in Limassol

Good hotels are located throughout the city. Closer to the center are the famous hotels Columbia Beach Hotel, Alasia Hotel, etc. The average cost per room is 80-100 euros per day. There are also cheaper rooms in Limassol. The 2 * hotel has comfortable rooms for 25-30 euros per night. Almost every hotel has all the conditions for families with children. A tour to Limassol for three days costs 350-400 euros per person, if the accommodation is in a 3 * hotel.

The cost of entertainment and excursions

The main entertainment of tourists is associated with beach vacations. The city is famous for its excellent beaches. They are clean, gentle and comfortable. The municipal beach and the beach are very popular «Ladies mile». There, vacationers are provided with all kinds of entertainment. You can take a sightseeing tour, which costs no more than 80 euros per person. Fishing, diving and octopus catching are of interest. Admiring the evening Limassol allows a boat trip or yacht. Tourists are offered a Grand Tour of Cyprus for 90 euros per person. A tour of Limassol and Paphos with donkey riding costs € 90 for an adult and € 50 for a child.

Tourist food

There are a lot of inexpensive cafes and restaurants in Limassol that offer a variety of dishes at affordable prices. There you can taste the masterpieces of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The average bill in a restaurant is 25-30 euros. You can eat pretty cheaply in local taverns.

If you visit prestigious restaurants, you will have to spend a lot. In the list of the most expensive resorts in terms of food in restaurants, Limassol ranked fourth. Lunch for four will cost, on average, 80 euros.

If you plan to rent a house and eat on your own, then it is better to buy groceries in supermarkets. The average grocery basket in Limassol is 115 euros. Food is more expensive here than in such resorts as Corfu, Mallorca, Costa Blanca, etc..



  • Prices in Limassol
  • Prices in Limassol
  • Prices in Limassol