Holidays in Cyprus in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cyprus in February

Holidays in Cyprus in February

Holidays in Cyprus in February

February is the coldest month of the year in Cyprus. In the first half of February, the thermometer reads + 13-15C during the day and + 6-7C at night. By the third decade, the temperature is already + 17-19C in the afternoon and + 9-10C in the evening. On some days, the temperature already reaches + 22C.

The climate in Cyprus is mild, with the first harvest of berries and fruits harvested in February. It is in this month that you can enjoy strawberries, apples, pomegranates, bananas, kiwi and carambol. Despite this fact, the slopes of the Troodos Mountains are covered with snow-white cover, which is ideal for skiing. The temperature here ranges from 0 to + 7C.

After sunset, and it gets dark in February quite early here, winds often blow in, which can cause discomfort. The high humidity level makes the cold feel stronger. On a trip, an umbrella will also come in handy, because in Paphos there can be about 12 rainy days, in Kyrenia and Limassol - 11, in Larnaca - 10, in the capital of Cyprus - 8.

Beach holidays in Cyprus

Unfortunately, fans of a beach holiday will not be able to spend their time in February as they would like, because by this month the Mediterranean Sea is quite cold. The water temperature is only + 16-17C.

Holidays and festivals in Cyprus

  • On the eve of Lent, carnivals conquer Cyprus for ten days. Festivities and fireworks are held in many cities. In the evenings, the best Cypriot wines are served in the squares. Carnivals end on Cheese Week, when gourmets can taste the best cheese and milk dishes.
  • World Valentine's Day is widely celebrated in Cyprus. Umassol Marathon GSO is held at the end of the month in Limassol.

Are you planning to visit Cyprus in February? In this case, you should visit the sales, which start on the first Monday of February and are held for 45 days. Discounts in boutiques can be up to 70 - 80%.

Cyprus is able to please tourists even in February!

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in February
  • Holidays in Cyprus in February