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Education in Cyprus

Education in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular destination for recreation, permanent residence, medical treatment and education. The main advantages of studying in Cyprus are as follows:

  • High educational standards;
  • Education in universities is carried out in both Greek and English;
  • The presence of a variety of educational programs;
  • Affordable tuition fees.

Higher education in Cyprus

To enter a Cypriot university, you must graduate from high school, pass the TOEFL or IELTS test.

The academic year at universities is divided into semesters, and the educational program is based on a system of credit hours. To obtain a degree, you must complete 120 “credits”.

Students receive consultations, attend lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical classes. And at the end of each semester, they take exams.

Those wishing to enter the University of Cyprus should know that the main languages ​​of instruction are Greek and Turkish (there are practically no foreigners here). This university studies the humanities, social and applied sciences, economics, management, philology. To enter the University of Cyprus, you will have to pass exams according to a multi-stage procedure and withstand a competition of documents. The presentation of high demands is explained by the desire to maintain the prestige of national education.

You can get education in Cyprus at private institutes and colleges: their training programs are aimed at mastering certain areas (banking, business management, secretarial work, accounting).

The duration of study in such educational institutions takes 1-4 years, which means that upon graduation you can get a specialty, a diploma, and a bachelor's degree (depending on the chosen training program). For example, upon completion of their studies at Cyprus College, graduates receive bachelor's degrees in computer technology, business or engineering..

Some Cypriot colleges offer dual degree studies accredited by UK and US universities. For example, enrolling in Intercollege, you can study hotel management according to the methodological developments of the University of London and, upon completion of your studies, receive a diploma from the University of Indianopolis..

Work while studying

International students can work in Cyprus for no more than 20 hours per week and only in certain sectors of employment (they are allowed to be assistants at car washes and gas stations, fast food delivery drivers, cleaners, cafe assistants, caregivers for the elderly).

Studying in Cyprus means opening the door to a secure and secure future..

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