Holidays in Cyprus in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cyprus in March

Holidays in Cyprus in March

Holidays in Cyprus in March

Cyprus is one of the hottest islands in the Mediterranean, because it is located in the subtropical zone.

March weather in Cyprus

The sun is tender, and therefore the risk of sunburn is reduced to zero. Despite this, it is advisable to use protective cosmetics when walking for a long time. Daylight hours become one hour longer.

In the first ten days of March, the air temperature reaches + 19 ... + 20C. At the end of the month, the air is already warming up to + 21 ... + 23C. At the same time, it is important to be prepared for the fact that the evening temperature is + 11 ... + 14C. On some days there are sharp cold snaps, but the temperature quickly reaches optimal levels..

The weather in March is variable in terms of precipitation. There can be eight to nine rainy days in a month. It is important to note that rainy days alternate with dry periods..

Holidays and festivals in Cyprus in March

In Cyprus, the beginning of spring is marked not only by rapid warming, but also by numerous holidays and festivals..

  • The International Running Marathon is traditionally held in Limassol in March.
  • You can visit the historic car rally, which takes place in small villages located in the mountainous regions..
  • In Nicosia, you can visit Fashion Week.
  • The film industry also attracts tourists, because in March, Cyprus hosts the Documentary Film Festival, the Authors' Film Festival.
  • The Easter season kicks off in Cyprus 50 days before Easter. The first day of the season, called Green Monday, becomes an additional day off. On this day, people try to visit nature, organize picnics with vegetarian dishes and fly colorful kites..
  • In Paphos and Limassol, in some years a carnival is held, surprising in its scale.

Prices for tours to Cyprus in March

When planning a vacation in Cyprus in March, you can save a lot. Compared to the high season, the savings can reach 30 - 40%. The hotels offer various bonuses and pleasant discounts, thanks to which the savings will be visible throughout. You can enjoy your time in Cyprus in March if you plan your travel program correctly and organize cultural activities.

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in March
  • Holidays in Cyprus in March