Holidays in the Czech Republic in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Czech Republic in April

Holidays in the Czech Republic in April

Holidays in the Czech Republic in April

This small cozy state, located in the heart of Europe, is still close to the Slavs of all stripes. That is why very often Russian tourists choose holidays in the Czech Republic in April..

A weekend tour is clearly not enough to get to know this country, rich in ancient castles and amazing architecture. Gourmet tourists will definitely appreciate the delicious, aromatic Czech beer, pork knuckle with traditional honey sauce and dumplings served with everything in the world..

Those who dream of improving their health go to the mineral springs that won fame among the Russian elite a century ago. By the way, not only Karlovy Vary is ready to quench your thirst and improve your health. In the Czech Republic, there are other equally famous resorts with their thermal springs..

Weather conditions in April

The second spring month in the Czech Republic brings warmth and joyful smiles. It becomes absolutely clear that there will be no return to the cold. And the endless blue sky over Prague and sunny tiled roofs only set you up for positive and cheerfulness..

An outdoor thermometer in the daytime pleases by raising the column to +12 ° C, by the evening, of course, it will get colder, so the tourist will not hurt to stock up on windbreakers. They will also help to shelter from the April rain, washing away the remnants of winter mud..

Celebrating Easter in the Czech Republic

Perhaps it is because of this holiday that many tourists choose the Czech Republic in April. Easter is ranked second in the rankings of Czech festive events. The aura of a light, pure one hovers in the air even the day before. Interestingly, the Czechs came up with their own names for each of the days on the eve of bright Sunday..

Green Thursday is a symbol of renewal, purity and prosperity. On this day, for the last time, you can hear the bell ringing, according to the assurances of the Czechs, then the bells fly off to Rome.

With the onset of Good Friday, religious processions take place across the country. According to Czech legends, on this magical day, people discover treasures that are hidden in the mountains or in the ground..

White Saturday carries its own traditions, once upon a time, on this day, bonfires were burned near churches, and the hostess took the coals home, stored them to protect their homes from fires, and poured ashes into the field for a future good harvest. Little children are given Easter lambs, and the rabbit is considered the most sacred animal; its image can also be seen on souvenir postcards dedicated to the holiday.

Pearl of Prague

It was this name that was assigned to the Cathedral of St. Vitus, located in the Prague Castle. Any of the tourists will take their breath away from the splendor of this standard of Gothic architecture. The most vivid impressions are left by huge colored stained-glass windows.

Photos of rest in the Czech Republic

  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in April
  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in April