Trip to Czech Republic

Trip to Czech Republic

Trip to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a very beautiful European country and for many a trip to the Czech Republic becomes the first experience of going abroad. What is the most convenient way to move around the country?

Municipal transport

Public transport in the country is a perfectly debugged and functioning system without any failures. The practice of using a single travel ticket is widespread in the Czech Republic. This means that you will be able to move around the city in a uniform manner by tram, metro or bus. Such passes differ only in terms of validity. The countdown starts from the moment the ticket is stamped.

Any type of transport runs strictly on schedule, which allows you to plan your route. Many streets in the historical center of Prague are closed to cars and can only be reached by public transport.

At the stops, you can see two types of timetables: daytime and nighttime. At night, the interval between buses can be up to one hour.

Intercity transport

You can move between cities in several ways: by buses; by rail; on airplanes.

Railway connection

A more comfortable and cheaper way to travel around the country is by rail. Of course, this option is slower than the bus service..

There are several types of trains in the Czech Republic:

  • InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) (convenient but expensive);
  • Rychlik (R) and Express (Ex) (high-speed, in the middle price category);
  • Osobni (O) (budget and very slow).

When choosing to travel by train, you need to remember that ticket offices are closed at night. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Bus service

Traveling by buses is loved not only by guests of the country, but also by locals. Transportation is carried out by many large companies, whose fleets are equipped with comfortable modern vehicles.

Buses run much more frequently than trains. In addition, the cost is quite acceptable, especially for domestic flights. Flights depart strictly on schedule. Considering that the Czech Republic is a small country, the trip simply won't have time to tire you.

Rent a Car

If you are planning a long stay in the country, you can rent a car. The only condition is that you have an international driver's license and you must be over 21 years old..

When traveling behind the wheel, you need to remember that the traffic rules of the Czech Republic are different from ours. In particular, the tram has an advantage in movement. There are differences in speed modes:

  • in the city - no higher than 50 km / h;
  • track - 90 km / h;
  • expressways - 130 km / h.

To be able to travel on the main roads of the country, you must have a special ticket. It confirms your payment of vehicle tax. His absence can result in a huge fine. You can buy a coupon at any gas station.


  • Trip to Czech Republic
  • Trip to Czech Republic