Where to eat in Copenhagen - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Copenhagen?

Where to eat in Copenhagen?

On vacation in the capital of Denmark, travelers will invariably face the question: “Where to eat in Copenhagen?” The city has many places to grab a bite or a hearty meal. But finding inexpensive food outlets is difficult because Copenhagen is an expensive city..

In local establishments, it is worth trying creamy cream soup with red fish, pork liver with fried onions, pork stew, hot red cabbage, salted chicken with pineapple, sandwiches with fish, ham, meatballs, crabs or ham, puff apple pie with cream or jelly , strawberry or blackberry soup.

Where to eat in Copenhagen inexpensively?

You can eat relatively inexpensively at steak houses: “Jensen’s Bofhus” (here you can order burgers, ribs, chicken, salad bar, fish, desserts), “Mash” (here you can taste seafood, grilled fish, chicken steaks, burgers, nachos, desserts), “Fuego” (on the menu of this steak house you will find pasta with seafood, soup with cauliflower and chicken, assorted 4 types of Argentinean meat, fish).

When looking for budget restaurants, you should take a closer look at “Saigon” (Vietnamese and vegetarian cuisine), “Chimili” (Danish, Mediterranean, Thai, Moroccan cuisine), “Stick & sushi” (Japanese kitchen).

Where to eat in Copenhagen delicious?

  • Noma: in this restaurant you will be offered to treat yourself to Scandinavian cuisine (they are made from local, Nordic, organic products) based on white sheep cheeses, Danish seaweed, venison, sea crabs, wild mushrooms and berries ...
  • Brasserie Le Coq Rouge: In this sophisticated French restaurant you can taste French delicacies with original additions from local chefs - cold cuts, foie gras, Danish fish with duck and lentils.
  • Det Lille Apotek: the interior of this restaurant (there are 4 halls) contains paintings, stained glass windows, old kerosene lamps. Guests can enjoy a variety of Danish Smorrebrod sandwiches and seasonal regional specialties..
  • Kronborg: on the menu of this restaurant you can find herring with boiled eggs, capers, onions and curry sauce, Danish meatballs, smoked eel with scrambled eggs.

Copenhagen food excursions

On this Copenhagen food tour, you will stroll the streets of the old town, visit authentic establishments, and the Relae restaurant, where you will be treated to an appetizer with pickled turnips, a salad of strawberries and young potatoes, vacuum cooked pork, a dessert made from milk, rhubarb and almonds.

In Copenhagen you can admire local sights, castles and wonderful nature, visit various museums (Museum of Beer, Museum of Wax Figures, Museum of Erotica, Museum of H.H. Andersen), enjoy Danish cuisine.


  • Where to eat in Copenhagen?
  • Where to eat in Copenhagen?
  • Where to eat in Copenhagen?