Taxi in Hurghada - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Hurghada

Taxi in Hurghada

Taxi in Hurghada

Taxis in Hurghada are blue-orange cars (you can find them in any part of the city), which are very convenient to move around this Egyptian resort.

Taxi services in Hurghada

Having stopped a taxi on the street or in the parking lot, you should show the driver a business card with the name and address of your hotel or point him to the place you need on the map or GPS-navigator.

You can call a taxi by the following numbers: + 20 100 922 3708 (Rotana Taxi); + 20 104 19 8745 (Safe & Reliable Taxi); + 20 1010 4545 98 (Marsaalam).

It is worth noting that it is customary to ride in a local taxi in the back seat. Tip: if you do not want to overpay, do not sit in taxis waiting for tourists at the hotels (they operate at inflated rates).

Taxi cost in Hurghada

“How much does a taxi cost in Hurghada?” - a topical question for everyone who rests in this Egyptian resort. The answer to this question can be obtained by reviewing the current local taxi fares:

  • for the landing and the first km you will be asked to pay 3-3.5 pounds;
  • each subsequent will be charged at a price of 0.5 pounds / 1 km.

On average, a trip around the city costs 10-15 Egyptian pounds, from one part of the city to another - 15-20 pounds, from the airport to the center of Hurghada - 40-50 pounds. If you need to cover a long distance, it makes sense to hire a driver for 5-6 hours. This service will cost you about $ 30.

Since not all cars have a meter, it is advisable to agree on the fare in advance, but it is worth considering that for tourists drivers overcharge prices, sometimes even 3-5 times, so it makes sense to bargain. Since getting change in a local taxi can be quite problematic, you should go to the bank before traveling by car to change large bills and have small change coins with you..

If any unpleasant situations arise with the taxi driver (refuses to turn on the meter or comply with the passenger's requirements), you can threaten him with a call to the traffic police (look at the front panel of the car - the phone number you need is indicated there) - due to such threats, as a rule, drivers become more compliant, because the police deprive negligent taxi drivers of their license and prohibit them from driving for a period of 1 month.

You, as a tourist, should pay attention to the fact that some drivers imperceptibly substitute money (20 pounds are similar in color to 50 piastres) - in this case, you should not enter into disputes, proving your case (it is advisable to follow the actions of the driver and pay the fare under calculation).

Since buses and minibuses in Hurghada are often packed to capacity, it is advisable to move around the resort while admiring the sights by taxi..

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