Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh. Public transport in Sharm El Sheikh - types, development

Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh

Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh

Various types of public transport are common in Sharm el-Sheikh, which allows tourists to easily move around the city: hotel buses, hotel taxis, street taxis, minibuses.

When landing, you should state your cost. Please note that the taxi fare between the main areas is £ 10-15, and the minibus is £ 1-5. Otherwise, at the end point, the driver announces the cost and at the same time tends to overstate it.

Hotel buses

This transport can be paid or free. If you decide to take the hotel shuttle, please note that you can only get to nearby entertainment venues and souvenir shops. The trip should be booked in advance, contacting the hotel staff, because the number of passengers can be only 15. All hotel buses run there and back at set hours, so you can note the time restrictions. At the same time, hotel buses are popular with tourists who want to note the comfort and ease of travel in Sharm el-Sheikh..

Hotel taxi

The hotel can operate a taxi service, which has a fixed cost. Be prepared not to bargain. The hotel taxi is popular due to the fact that the trip can be carried out in the most comfortable conditions: a foreign car, air conditioning and music at will. You can order transport by contacting the staff at the hotel reception. In addition, the driver can take you to the designated point, and, if desired, pick you up at the appointed time. In order for the cooperation to proceed in easy conditions, it is recommended to exchange phone numbers. If you wish, you can cooperate with only one driver throughout your stay..

Street taxi

Transport in Sharm el-Sheikh is primarily represented by street taxis. These cars are blue and white. While giving preference to this option of travel, it is necessary to take into account the fact that sometimes taxi drivers tend to cheat by raising prices to the hotel level. Travel comfort may not be as high as desired, but it is one of the best options for travelers looking to achieve savings..


In Sharm El Sheikh, minibuses are the cheapest, cramped and noisiest mode of transport. At the same time, it is this option that allows you to immerse yourself in the local flavor. Minibuses run along the main roads of the city, so you will have the opportunity to take a walk. You can be sure that this travel option allows you to achieve significant savings on transport..

The transport system in Sharm El Sheikh is organized taking into account the needs of tourists.


  • Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Transportation in Sharm El Sheikh