Airport in Taba: scheme, photo. How to get to Taba airport

Airport in Taba

Airport in Taba

The international airport in Taba is quite small in area and receives a small number of aircraft per day. However, its geographical position makes the airline attractive for travel companies and air carriers around the world.. 
The airport is located 35 kilometers from the town of Taba in the eastern part of Egypt, in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. The number of charter flights that bring tourists to the shores of the Red Sea is growing every year..


The unique place Taba is located at the junction of traditions and culture of 4 countries - Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt. At one time it was a disputed territory and as a result of the resolution of the Egyptian-Israeli conflict, Taba entered the administrative lands of Egypt.
Together with the territory of Taba, Egypt also began to belong to the former military airfield, on the basis of which the airport was created in 2000. The structure of the airport includes a passenger terminal and a runway with a length of about 3 kilometers. Today, the airline serves only tourist flights.

Service and services

The building of the passenger terminal is small in size, so it is somewhat cramped for the number of passengers served by the airport. Nevertheless, all the necessary services for a safe and comfortable stay of passengers are presented here..
There are no food outlets, parking or car rental on the territory of the airport. In fact, the airline performs only transfer functions. However, the service conditions are improving every year. For example, in 2014, free internet was launched throughout the airport..
In terms of airport development, first of all, there is an expansion of the platform and an increase in the area of ​​the passenger terminal.
This is not to say that the surrounding nature, upon arrival at Tabu, pleases with its charms. This is a desert with a complete lack of vegetation..
Passengers arriving here are usually divided into two categories - tourists who want to relax on the shores of the warmest sea on the planet and business representatives from all over the world, participants in business conferences, meetings, seminars held in local upscale hotels.
In any case, they are greeted by special transfers provided by travel companies or comfortable buses, which in the future should deliver their guests to their place of stay - coastal hotels in Taba.

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