Tours to Tabu (Egypt). Rest in Taba: photos, tours

Tours in Tabu

Tours in Tabu

Egyptian Taba is not as popular with compatriots as Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, but for a certain category of travelers its name evokes very positive emotions. Tours to Taboo are primarily bought by divers, because it is here that the best diving training centers are open that meet the international standards of the PADI association..
Trips to Taboo are no less interesting for golf fans. Moreover, the highlight is that a special type of popular game is practiced at the Egyptian resort - desert golf. And also Taba is popular with families with children and fans of silence in the hotel area. There are no noisy discos and restaurants in the city, and therefore you can enjoy the unspoiled nature in complete comfort..

Embrace the immensity

A special tourist attraction of Taba lies in its close proximity to the border with Jordan and Israel. This is used by fans of outdoor activities who prefer to alternate beach idleness with long-distance excursions and interesting trips. While on a tour in Taba, it is quite possible to go to Jordan and walk through the ancient pink city of the Nabateans, Petra.
Tourists are also interested in the opportunity to test their buoyancy in the waters of the Dead Sea, even from the Israeli or Jordanian side. By the way, tours from Taba to Israel may include a visit to Jerusalem, during which tourists get acquainted with the main attractions of its Old City. All these options to diversify beach holidays are also available from other Egyptian resorts, but trips from the border town take much less travel time..

Briefly about the important

  • Unfortunately, the nearest international Egyptian airport to Taba is located only in Sharm, from where the transfer takes at least five hours. When booking tours to Tabu, it is worth considering flight options from Moscow to Eilat. Getting to the resort will be less time consuming.
  • Entering the water on the beaches of Taba is not recommended without special shoes. The fact is that its famous coral reef, to which divers so strive, starts right off the coast.
  • The swimming and sunbathing season on the beaches of Taba lasts all year round. In winter, the air temperature drops slightly, but the water remains warm, and the stay on the beach becomes even comfortable without the intense heat. In summer, the thermometers reach +40, and therefore the best season for a tour in Tabu is spring or mid-autumn.


  • Tours in Tabu
  • Tours in Tabu