The best resorts in Europe. The best resorts in Europe for holidays

The best resorts in Europe

The best resorts in Europe

If you want to spend not only a variety of pleasant, but also useful rest, then choose for your vacation «old lady» Europe. This continent with a rich past will surprise you with its vibrant cities, rich excursion program and excellent cuisine. The best resorts in Europe will help you spend an unforgettable vacation.

Sarvar (Hungary)

One of the best thermal spas where you can have a great rest, while improving your health. Here you can choose the options for recovery, as in this resort area, two sources come to the surface of the earth at once..

In the first, the water is heated to +43 and has an alkaline-hydrocarbonate composition. It is useful in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and lung diseases. The second spring rises from a depth of almost two meters, and its water has a rather high temperature of +83. The local water is mineralized and has a sodium-chloride composition. Taking such natural baths will be useful for rheumatism, sclerosis and women's diseases..

This resort area is also interesting for its attractions. Not far from the resort there is a medieval fortress, which has been miraculously preserved to this day. It is also worth a look at the Domolki Monastery and the Benedictine Church, erected in a magnificently luxurious Baroque style..

Lanzarote (Spain)

Unique fantastic landscapes will meet you on this island, which is part of the Canary archipelago. Lanzorte owes such an interesting landscape to numerous volcanic eruptions. Luckily it was a long time ago.

There are many beach areas here, some of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. There are plenty of water activities here: windsurfing, surfing or kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling.

Carcavelos (Portugal)

Fans of a quiet family vacation will love the resort place of Carcavelos. The small Portuguese town attracts a huge number of travelers and has a full range of services loved by tourists. Relaxing on the beach, walking along secluded streets - these are the main delights of a relaxing holiday in this cozy resort town. But if suddenly this idyll gets a little boring, then you can visit the bustling Lisbon, which is located just 15 kilometers from the resort. Luxurious hotels with excellent service, surrounding natural beauty and some of the best beaches in the country will make your vacation here simply unforgettable..

The best resorts in Europe are comfortable hotels, excellent beaches and azure waters. Isn't that what every traveler dreams of?

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  • The best resorts in Europe
  • The best resorts in Europe
  • The best resorts in Europe