Transport in Finland. Public transport in Finland - types, development

Transport in Finland

Transport in Finland, in particular, bus, aviation and rail, has a fairly well-developed structure..

The main modes of transport in Finland

  • Public transport: This includes trams, electric trains and buses. Tickets are sold at automatic ticket offices, newsagents and in the driver's cabin. But, in order to save on transportation costs, it is best to purchase a pass that is valid for several days (3, 5, 7). When exiting the bus or tram, you need to press a special button (it is located on the side of the door) - otherwise the doors may not open. Upon arrival in Finland, it is advisable to get a Helsinki Card - it allows you to travel by public transport an unlimited number of times + visit museums for free + receive discounts in some restaurants.
  • Rail transport: For example, you can get to Tampere, Turku, Rovaniemi or Pori from Helsinki by train. It is worth noting that Finnish trains provide motorists with the opportunity to transport vehicles with them, installing it on a special platform. In order to save money, you should be interested in the current system of discounts: for example, the cost of a group ticket (for at least 3 people) will cost 20% less, 6-16 year olds are given 50% discounts (up to 6 years old - free of charge), and young people traveling in Scandinavian countries, may be offered to get a reduced Scanrail Card (you can save 25-50% depending on your age).
  • Water transport: if you wish, you can travel within the country by lake steamers or motor boats. Popular routes among tourists include “Silver line”, “Poet's path”, routes on Lake Saimaa.


Since it is not customary to stop a taxi on the streets, you can call it by phone or use its services at special parking lots..
It is easy to find out if the driver is free - a yellow signal will light up on the roof “TAKSI”. Finnish taxis are equipped with electronic counters with printers that turn on when the car starts to move and turn off when it stops (the machine prints out a receipt at the end of the trip).

Car rent

To rent a car, you (the minimum age is 21-25 years old) need to have an IDL and a credit card (a certain deposit will be blocked on it - unlocking will take place upon the expiration of the rental period). Traffic in the country is right-hand, and overtaking on bends, uphills and in the immediate vicinity of intersections, as well as using radar detectors (you can be fined even for a switched off radar detector stored in the glove compartment of the car) is prohibited.

Finland has modern, well-maintained roads, so travel around the country can be safely done by car..