Taxi in Helsinki - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Helsinki

Taxi in Helsinki

Taxi in Helsinki is an excellent alternative to public transport, especially since taxi companies provide their services to passengers at any time of the day or night..

Taxi services in Helsinki

Helsinki taxis have a scoreboard as an identification mark “Taksi” - if it is lit, it means that the car is free, if not, it means that the driver is busy (he plans to go according to the received order or the passenger pays for the trip).

On holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as during rush hours, it is advisable to go to the special parking lots Taksiasema (there will be no problems with finding a free car). If you wish, you can use the airport taxi services by calling 0600-555-555. There is a centralized taxi call service TaxiHelsinki in Helsinki - to get a car, you need to call 0100-0700.

Advice: if you plan to order a minivan, you need a car for the transportation of specific cargo or for people with disabilities, you should book a taxi in advance, informing the dispatcher about your wishes. To make a pre-order (it involves a surcharge of 7 euros), you should call 0100-0600.

You can call a taxi by sending sms to number 13-170 (the cost of 1 message is 1.70 euros) - the message must contain the following: city, district, street, house, indicating the number and letter designation of the entrance. First, you will receive a message that says: “Order received”, and after a short time - a notification that the driver (Taxi No. xxxx) has departed according to your order. If no car is found near your location within 10 minutes, you will receive a message with a corresponding notification and a request to try to call again later.

Taxi cost in Helsinki

“How much does a taxi cost in Helsinki?” - one of the main questions that arises for everyone who plans to move around the capital of Finland on this type of transport. To answer this question will help you familiarize yourself with the current tariffs:

  • boarding costs 6-9 euros;
  • the trip is paid based on the price of 1.5-2.1 euros / 1 km (the price depends on the type of tariff - more expensive at night);
  • 1 hour of waiting costs 30 euros for passengers;
  • children under 12 years old can take a taxi for free, and for 2 children, payment is made based on the price of 1.52 euros / 1 km (equivalent to the cost of travel for 1 adult passenger).

On average, a trip from the airport to the center of Helsinki will cost about 35-40 euros.

Important: you cannot smoke in a taxi - a system of fines is provided for violating the ban.

Since taxis are equipped with meters, at the end of the ride you should be given a check, which is printed on a small printer. You can pay for travel in cash, and in some taxis - by credit cards (check this option before the trip).

It is safe and reliable to use taxi services in Helsinki, because local taxis are high-class cars, and their drivers are professionals in their field..

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