Helsinki observation decks. List of the best viewpoints in Helsinki

Helsinki observation decks

Climbing the viewpoints of Helsinki, the guests of the Finnish capital will see Senaatintori Square, the Gulf of Finland, more than 60 churches, the Sveaborg fortress and other objects from a different perspective.

Bar Atelje

This bar with viewing terraces with tables (14th floor at Sokos Hotel Torni) offers panoramic views of Helsinki.

Address: Yrjonkatu 26.

Olympic Stadium

At the stadium, guests will find a tower (its height is more than 70 m) equipped with one of the best observation platforms (tourists are brought here by a high-speed elevator), from where you can admire the stadium itself, the Assumption Church and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the entire central part of the Finnish capital. To get to the viewing platform, adults will have to pay 5 euros, and young ones (from 6 years old) - 2 euros. In addition, in the summer it is worth coming to the stadium to visit the Sports Museum, attend sports events and music concerts..

Address: Paavo Nurmentie 1 (tram number 5 goes here).

Observation deck at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Passengers of the airport will be allowed to observe the takeoffs and landings of the planes from the platform located at Terminal No. 2 (the observation deck is closed in winter). For the same purpose, you can visit the Fly Inn restaurant, which has panoramic windows (here it is worth trying a Finnish steak, as well as classic dishes made from Finnish forest and lake gifts).

How to get there from the center? It is more convenient to get there by taxi, but if you have a limited budget, you should give preference to bus number 615 (the airport is located 19 km from the center of Helsinki)

Verkkokauppa Store

Shop guests will be able to acquire photographic equipment, televisions, computers and other household appliances; visit the museum of computers and game consoles (4th and 5th floors); visit the observation deck on the roof of the store (cityscapes open from a 50-meter height) and see the MiG-21 bis fighter there.

How to get there? From the railway station, travelers will get to Bunkkeri station by tram number 6T or 9 (address: Tyynenmerenkatu 11; link to the website:

Amusement park “Linnanmaki”

Of particular interest to guests are 2 objects:

  • Ferris Wheel: this attraction will lift tourists to a 35-meter height (you will be able to admire the view of the city streets with their sights).
  • Tower “Panorama”: a glass gondola is designed to overcome the 53-meter height - from a height, vacationers will see Helsinki in all its glory. In addition, having climbed the tower, they will listen to the excursion program. The cost of single tickets (there are more than 40 attractions in the park) is 2-5 euros, and tickets for the whole day are 18-37 euros (the price depends on the growth of visitors).

How to get there? To services of tourists - bus number 23 and trams number 8, 3B, 3T (address: Tivolikuja 1).