Where to eat in Helsinki - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Helsinki?

“Where to eat in Helsinki?” - a topical issue for vacationers in the capital of Finland. It offers about 900 catering establishments, among which you can find restaurants with Finnish, Asian, American, Italian and European dishes..

In local cafes and restaurants you will be able to taste Finnish dishes - suomalainen sienisalaatti (an appetizer based on salted mushrooms and fresh onions with a sauce based on cream, lemon juice, vinegar, pepper), lihapullat (fried meatballs with gravy), kalalaatikko (potatoes baked with onions and herrings).

Where to eat in Helsinki inexpensively?

You can eat inexpensively in one of the Chicos fast food restaurants - the menu here is written in Russian. In addition, there is a children's menu and a small play area for children..

On weekdays, you can have a budget lunch, for example, at the Rax buffet - here, having paid a fixed price, you can try (“Buffet”) salad bar, chicken wings, lasagne, meatballs, stewed potatoes, vegetable soup, sausages ... The approximate cost of a buffet is 9.95 euros, a dessert buffet (donuts, ice cream, pie) - 2.95 euros. It is worth noting that, unlike some other establishments of a similar plan, in this one you can make an unlimited number of approaches to the buffet.

You can eat on a budget in student canteens - Uni Caf: these establishments work on the principle of set meals, the only hot dish you can choose here is only 1. As for the salad bar, here you can put on your plate anything and as much as you like. what is presented in the range. A set lunch will cost 7-8 euros (according to the student's card - 2.6-3 euros).

Where to eat in Helsinki delicious?

  • Savotta: This restaurant serves Finnish cuisine, including those with unusual names such as “lumberjack supplies - deer meat” and dessert “blueberry”.
  • Fishmarket: this Finnish restaurant offers national cuisine, a huge selection of dishes based on fish and seafood - lobster, mussels, oysters, crabs ... This place is loved for the fact that dishes are prepared from fresh fish, and the list of dishes is updated depending on the season.
  • Merimakasini: this restaurant, reminiscent of an old ship (in the interior there are models of ships, wine shelves are made in the form of a hold, there is a spacious terrace), offers its visitors to enjoy large portions of meat and fish dishes, as well as exotic dishes such as blue mussels, prepared in an unusual way or an octopus tentacle in a special sauce.
  • Seurasaari: In this restaurant you can taste Finnish dishes prepared according to old recipes. In addition, the uniqueness of the institution lies in the fact that alcoholic drinks are not served here, and tables are served in accordance with the traditions of the 19th century..

Gastronomic excursions in Helsinki

As part of this tour, you will walk around the city, visit the fish market and an old chocolate shop, a beer bar, as well as a bakery where traditional bread is baked..

You can take a closer look at Finnish cuisine and find out what kind of food Finns prepare for the Christmas table by going on a food tour of Helsinki..