Finnish traditions - customs, photo

Finnish traditions

"Spirits of nature" and "forces of the earth" are two important concepts that have shaped the foundations of Finnish culture for centuries. The inhabitants of the country of Suomi cannot imagine themselves without their endless plains, hills, thousands of lakes and rivers. Finnish traditions are implicated in the ancient pagan beliefs and customs of the peoples of the surrounding countries, which undoubtedly influenced the worldview and lifestyle of the northern neighbors..

Culture of calm people

The rest of Europe considers Finns to be old-fashioned and conservative. They are slow in conversation and actions, and persistently pass on their traditions from generation to generation, not paying attention to new trends and trends. The inhabitants of Suomi are characterized by a certain aristocracy, manifested in restrained emotions and quiet speech, and therefore, once in Finland, you should not express your feelings too loudly: at least they will not understand you. It is not customary here to interrupt the interlocutor in mid-sentence and not keep the given promise. However, punctuality and pedantry are generally inherent in all Finns, without exception..

Going to visit

When booking a tour to northern neighbors, you should get acquainted with the most widespread traditions of Finland in order to evoke the location of the hosts and not be in ambiguous situations:

  • Residents of Suomi are not too fond of showing their feelings in public. It is not customary to walk around and kiss in public places. It is not recommended for tourists to behave this way, so as not to cause a negative attitude towards themselves..
  • In Finland, everyone turns to each other on "you", even if the interlocutor is older. This does not mean disrespect, it is just accepted and it suits everyone..
  • Traditionally, tip is left in Finland. Moreover, not only the waiter, but also the taxi driver, for example, or the bartender. The amount as a percentage of the account is not important, you just need to round it up slightly.
  • In restaurants and cafes, it is customary that each of the participants in the gatherings pays for himself. Nevertheless, you can offer the lady to treat her to dinner - this will not be perceived as an attempt to infringe on her rights..
  • A visit to Suomi is a carefully planned business. Finnish traditions do not imply the opportunity to just "look at the light", but careful preparation of the meeting with gifts and a pre-written program here is in the order of things.
  • Finns care about their health, and therefore regular sports, going to the sauna and smoking ban in public places are important attributes of the local lifestyle..