Outlets in Finland - prices, brands, outlet addresses

Outlets in Finland

A few hours by bus from St. Petersburg, and you are in Finland - a country of ski resorts, fishing in ecologically clean waters, hot saunas and a long polar night. But it is not only active and recreational entertainment that attracts thousands of Russian travelers to the homeland of Santa Claus. Stores and outlets in Finland are of great interest to a compatriot, where you can always profitably buy a down jacket or even ski equipment - just know the places and be in them at the right time.

Useful little things

  • All outlets in Finland open at 10.00 on weekdays and receive visitors until 20.00. Schedules may vary on weekends, but the big plus of these malls is that they are open seven days a week..
  • Discounts on all items in Finnish Outlets range from 30 to 70 percent of the original price.
  • In December, immediately after Christmas, shops and outlets in the country of Suomi open with updated price tags - a big Christmas sale begins, which lasts about two weeks.
  • Special bonuses and additional record price reductions await buyers in the period from mid-July to the end of August and in January-February, when it’s time to change the assortment from summer to winter and vice versa..

Mushroom places

The most famous and largest outlet in Finland is called Fashion Brand Outlet Oh My Gosh! It is located in Vantaa, the satellite city of Helsinki. Detailed address - Tammiston ostospuisto Sähkötie 2-6 01510 Vantaa.
This outlet presents a huge assortment of children's and adult clothing, footwear and accessories of various manufacturers from around the world. On his trading floor, you can see more than fifty famous names, including Dr Martens, Lacoste, CAT, REPLAY, Fred Perry, Converse and many others..
You can get here from Helsinki from the central railway station by bus. In addition, there is an international airport in Vantaa, so, having arrived in Helsinki, you can find yourself in an outlet, bypassing the capital..
The network of mono-brand outlets in Finland, represented throughout the country, is called Marimekko fabriksudsalg. They can be found in any major city in the country, and here you can profitably purchase high-quality clothing and interior items, textiles and bags made in Finland..

Return VAT!

Outlets in Finland have a system for obtaining personalized Tax Free checks, which are issued upon purchase and allow you to return the paid VAT in the amount of 10-16% when crossing the opposite border. The purchase amount must be 40 euros or more, and the goods themselves must be presented to the employees of the tax refund points not unpacked.