Features of Finland - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Finland

Finland is one of the most versatile countries in Europe. Do you want to know her? So, you need to learn more about the national characteristics of this country..

Finnish mentality

Finns often come across as old-fashioned, conservative people. They strive to keep old traditions and pass them on to their children. In communication, one can note restraint and calmness, the desire to avoid too loud or fast conversations, but the Finns are distinguished by a kind, sympathetic character. It is advisable to resolve any conflicts at the table and during negotiations without raising your voice and trying to choose the right words. Remember that you cannot interrupt the interlocutor..

During communication, you should also remember about other nuances.

  • The Finns are used to greet each other with a handshake, just like the Russians. Men and women can greet each other with a handshake. Residents of Finland are not used to touching the shoulders and forearms, patting the hands, because they are distinguished by their restrained character. However, girls can kiss each other on the cheek. Be prepared for the fact that even on the streets of Finnish cities it is extremely rare to see people kissing, since Finns do not like to show their feelings in public.
  • In communication, it is customary to quickly switch to «you». This format is permissible even in the relation between subordinate and boss. Due to the fact that such communication is a trend of fashion, the older generation does not always support it..
  • Finns call each other by name.
  • It is difficult to establish a friendship, but if you succeed in achieving this, be sure that the friendship will be pleasant and lasting..

Features of visiting visits

  • In Finland, people are not used to dropping by to visit each other. According to tradition, preparation for receiving guests should be lengthy and can last up to two weeks. All this time is devoted to preparing the table, meeting program, buying gifts. It is important to note that Finnish products are preferred. Foreign products are not very popular.
  • Being late for an appointment can be perceived as lightheadedness, which can make communication difficult..
  • If the meeting takes place outside the home, you need to remember about the equality of men and women, which implies that everyone will pay for himself in a restaurant and other institutions..

Leisure features

Many Finns strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. As a result, traditions such as regular use of the sauna, sports and fishing can be noted in Finland. Please note that saunas are being built in private homes and on the shores of lakes, in schools and universities, on airfields, which confirms a strong tradition. If you want to diversify your active leisure, decide on skiing training, since this particular sport is the most popular in this country..

Finland is an amazing country with a rich culture, strong traditions.