Finnish cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Finland

Finnish cuisine

Finnish cuisine is a reflection of Finno-Ugric culinary traditions (when preparing local dishes, natural and organic products are taken as a basis).

National cuisine of Finland

In Finland, fish is in high esteem - it is fried, baked, salted, dried. So, for example, they cook here “graavikirielohi” - rainbow trout in its own juice, unleavened dough and fish pie (“kalecucco”) and herring salad (“rosolli”). Meat dishes are prepared mainly from game and venison (reindeer tongue in cranberry jelly; partridge in sour cream sauce), but in any case, you should definitely try the Karelian roast (“karyalanpaisti”) - a mix dish of pork, beef and lamb.

Popular Finnish dishes:

  • “calakeitto” (Finnish fish soup);
  • “syarya” (a dish of stewed lamb, which is cooked in a wooden bowl);
  • “poronpaisti” (roast venison - mashed potatoes and lingonberries are served with it);
  • “maxalaaticko” (a dish of rice, chopped liver and raisins);
  • “maty” (represents fish roe with sour cream and onions);
  • “maitokalakeitto” (a dish of sea fish stewed in milk).

Where to taste Finnish cuisine?

In Finnish restaurants, you can often find a seasonal menu: i.e. in winter you will be treated to pea soup, fish dishes, nutritious elk and Christmas pastries, in summer - dishes from young potatoes and ripe berries, and in autumn - game, chanterelles, vegetable dishes. The portions in local restaurants are rather big (do not rush to order several dishes at once), therefore, having seen 2 prices in the menu, keep in mind that you can order half of the dish.

It should be noted that food establishments do not sell alcohol around the clock (sales are carried out from 09:00 until the official closure of the establishment, more precisely, half an hour before that time). If you smoke, then you should know that it is forbidden to smoke a cigarette in the restaurant hall - you will have to search specially equipped rooms.

In Helsinki, you can satisfy your hunger in “Lasipalatsi” (pleases guests with seasonal Finnish dishes; they are offered here to sit in a spacious hall or one of 3 rooms - “Aquarium”, “Palm Hall”, “Helsinki”), in Tampere - in “Harald” (guests are advised to try venison with blueberry sauce and pine tar ice cream).

Cooking courses in Finland

Would you like to make a close acquaintance with Finnish cuisine? Take a class at a culinary school “Kokkikoulu Espa” (Helsinki), the duration of which is 5-6 hours. In Helsinki, you can take part in events dedicated to Restaurant Day (held once every 3 months): those who wish are given the opportunity “open” your cafe in the park, office, in the yard.

A visit to Finland is recommended to coincide with the gastronomic festival “Slow Food” (Fiskars, October), To the Festival “Delicacy Finland” (Helsinki, August) or Strawberry Festival (Suonenjoki, July).