Restaurants in Finland - the best restaurants and cafes in Finland

Restaurants in Finland

Thousands of Russian travelers visit the homeland of Santa Claus every year. They take shopping tours and make visits to Lapland to make sure Santa is alive. Their restless natures plow the decks of cruise ferries in choosing a place for a worthy celebration of the New Year and scour the streets of Helsinki in search of attractions. Finally, the most athletic and active ski on the Finnish slopes, hoping to sip plenty of adrenaline at the ideally suited ski resorts. All guests of the country of Suomi, despite different preferences in choosing hotels or destinations for excursions, are united by the need for lunch and dinner, and therefore restaurants in Finland are an object of interest for shopaholics, romantics, and athletes..

There is no bad weather...

... and Finnish restaurants lack seasonal menu options. In summer, establishments spoil visitors with young potatoes with fried mushrooms, in autumn they offer venison with cranberry sauce, and in winter they insist on pea soup with smoked meats and mulled wine with Christmas gingerbread..
Finnish cuisine is solid and solid, as it should be in a northern country. It is customary here to cook rich soups and meat dishes with gravy, bake cinnamon rolls and cook fish soup with potatoes.

Don't be late for dinner!

It is customary to have breakfast in cafes and restaurants in Finland from 9 am, when the vast majority of establishments open. The lunch menu becomes available closer to noon, and after 3 pm the restaurant may close for dinner preparation. Alcoholic drinks are put on the counter from 9 am, but no one will be able to order a glass of vodka or a glass of wine later than half an hour before the closure of the establishment..

Useful piggy bank

  • Considering that the portions in restaurants in Finland are rather big, you can order half of them. There are often two prices on the menu - for a full plate and for a part of it..
  • The Helsinki Card city tourist card guarantees the tourist substantial discounts in many places in the capital..
  • In the country of Suomi they love and know how to make coffee. Breakfast from a cup of freshly brewed drink with a delicious bun will cost "only" a couple of euros.
  • Dinner at a good restaurant in Finland will cost a couple about the same price as buying quality men's boots. Fussy Finns usually choose boots, and thrifty tourists - a set menu lunch is much cheaper..