Tourism in Finland - development, photography

Finland Tourism

Finland is our beautiful northern neighbor. This country has a huge tourism potential, which is not yet fully explored. Perhaps tourism in Finland is developing slowly due to the leisurely nature of the locals, or tourists are scouring the world in search of warmth and sun, which may cause problems in these lands. But for many travelers, it is here that the Promised Lands are located, vast natural territories that do not know human intervention..

Santa's homeland

For many toddlers and older children, snowy Finland is clearly associated with the homeland of Santa Claus, the American rival of Santa Claus. The famous village of Santa is spread across the Finnish northern territories and in winter, on the eve of Christmas and New Year's holidays, it is filled with small visitors looking for fabulous adventures.

Parents or accompanying children, adults, no less than little ones in this magical place, begin to believe in miracles. Although for them there are no less important and exclusive things to do, like dog sledding and snowmobiling. And to warm up after an active holiday in the Finnish frost will help the invention of local masters, which has received worldwide fame - a sauna.

Everything is quiet

Finland is quite a prosperous country, many tourists feel absolutely calm here. Here you should be afraid of something else - to break the rules of conduct. For example, smoking in a public place can lose a large amount of money, and not only government officials, but also local residents themselves monitor the implementation of laws..

Hotel or igloo

Hotel complexes in Finland, as a rule, are at a high level, the number of stars on the facades cannot be found, but you can inquire in advance about the comfort and cost of the hotel room. Some high-end hotels offer tourists relaxation in tropical pools, which adds to the pleasant moments of relaxation..

The second most popular among tourists is the rental of apartments or houses, which allows them to feel much more free and make personal plans for their stay in Finland..

Souvenirs from Suomi

National souvenirs, dolls in Finnish traditional costumes, handicrafts in the style of the ancient inhabitants - Sami, figurines in the form of the most popular animals - deer and bears.

The culinary preferences of relatives who are waiting for tourists at home will be satisfied with the help of delicious local chocolate, the older generation will appreciate the famous Finnish vodka.