Ski resorts in Finland: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Finland

Ski resorts in Finland

Finnish ski resorts are not as popular as Austrian or Swiss ones, although their undoubted advantages can be safely attributed to walking distance, relatively affordable prices for accommodation and equipment rental and the possibility of skiing on excellent virgin snow almost until the beginning of summer. There are plenty of places for skiing or snowboarding in the country of Suomi, and when choosing, it is only important to decide whether trails for beginners or professionals are necessary.
For those who are taking their first steps in mastering a rebellious board, skiing areas in the southern and central parts of the country are more suitable. There are many schools here where you can find Russian-speaking instructors, and the tracks are well-groomed and licked for safe skiing. Snowboarding professionals will be delighted with the resorts of Lapland, where luxuriously equipped snowparks coexist with ski slopes of the highest degree of difficulty. One day of skiing in Finnish resorts, taking into account equipment rental, will cost about 150 euros. You can stay in numerous cottage villages, and have fun in the evenings in cafes and clubs, recuperate in spas and saunas..

Ruka Resort

The season in Ruka can start already at the end of October - it snows so early here. Skiing lasts until May, and throughout the entire period there are no queues for figures or lifts at the resort, and the state of the park remains ideal. The hand is distinguished by very strong cold, and therefore frosts of 30 degrees in January are not uncommon here. It is possible to warm up in the excellent Battery Park, which has four series of trampolines with tables ranging from eight to seventeen meters. They stand in one line and alternate with jibbing pieces. Thus, having landed after the next jump, the border automatically accelerates to perform the next figure..
The park is also suitable for beginner boarders. Russian-speaking coaches will put anyone on the board, and beginners can ride in a mini-park on the territory of the main one. Spring calls into the Hand the fans of the Vuosseli superpipe, which meets the FIS standards. Lighting allows you to accelerate the polar night and gives skiing a special intimate flavor.

Talma resort

The Talmu is especially popular with Finnish and other boarders because of its location. The resort is located less than half an hour from Helsinki. Talma Battery Snowpark is a low slide, which is generously strewn with snowboard figures. The park itself can be conditionally divided into two parts. The first one on one side of the slide is equipped with a series of jibbing figures - boxes and rails - and has six springboards, tables in front of which differ in different heights.
The location of the jumps on the slope is such that you can jump into a series from three at once. The easiest ones are located first, and then - for more technically difficult jumps. Thus, in the park, you can achieve good progress in skating, practicing the figures. The other half of the park has two tramps with tables 17 and 12 meters. Trumpet and wall-ride are very popular for practicing jibbing techniques. Talma Battery also offers board readers four pyramids..

Ylläs resort

This place is considered the largest ski resort in Finland. It has 63 slopes for skiers of all skill levels. A large snow park equipped with a pipe and a street is open for boarders on Ylläs. Despite the polar night, the park is open until 19.00 under artificial lighting. The pro-line of the park turns into a zone of kickers of medium difficulty. In one series, you can overcome three trampolines at once. Jibbing is placed in a special area. The park has many boxes, rails, and a wall ride, a rainbow, and a half pipe..

Vuokatti resort

Located in the very center of the country, this resort is famous for having a snow tunnel on its territory, in which you can practice snowboarding all year round. This building was built in the immediate vicinity of the sports college, and famous athletes successfully train there. With the help of electronics, the microclimate in the tunnel is maintained at the required level. So the air temperature in it is about 9 degrees below zero, and air exchange is programmed at intervals of four hours..
The Vuokatti mountain slopes themselves are more suitable for fans of extreme snowboarding. However, beginners can be taught all the necessary techniques in the local schools, and those who are already confident enough to ride can be helped to hone their skills..
In your free time at the resort, you can swim in the indoor pool, ride a snowmobile or go on an exciting hike on the frozen lake. Bowling and minigolf fans will also not be disappointed with their vacation, and those who dreamed of mastering horseback riding can take a few lessons in Vuokatti..

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