Tours to Levi (Finland). Holidays in Levi: photos, tours

Tours in Levi

Four times this Lapland ski resort has been awarded the title of the best in Finland, and therefore tours to Levi are in constant demand among locals and active tourists from all over the world. But do not think that only skiers or boarders can have a great rest at the foot and on the slopes of the mountain of the same name. Levi has an incredible number of opportunities for active summer vacations..

History with geography

The village near which the resort is located is called Sirka. It is located in the heart of Lapland, 160 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Mount Levi is almost 900 kilometers away from Helsinki, but you can fly here with a local flight to Kittilä airport. Trains to the ski resort area arrive at Kolari station, 78 kilometers from the mountain. Next - a bus or a taxi.
Sirka became famous in the 1950s, when the first skiers began to come to its slopes. The construction of cottages for guests started in the late 70s, and then the slopes were equipped in accordance with the requirements and standards. Soon Levi was recognized as the best resort in the country, and a few years later the organizers launched the first gondola cable car in Finland..

43 tracks...

Tour participants in Levi can count on the best technical equipment and modern equipment of the resort:

  • 43 slopes add up to more than 40 kilometers of quality slopes, of which 17 are illuminated at night.
  • In Levi, there are professional schools for teaching alpine skiing and 17 tracks in the resort are given to children. Kids are delivered to the starting places with special children's lifts.
  • Fans of flat skiing will also not be disappointed on their Levi tours. At their service - 230 kilometers of modern high-tech equipped ski track, a large section of which has night lighting.
  • All 26 lifts in the resort can serve almost 30 thousand people every hour, which avoids queues and crowds.

... and 33 pleasures

But the participants of the Levi tours do not live by skis alone. There are many opportunities for them to relax in the ideal conditions of a real northern winter. One of the options to have a decent time is a trip to Levi Husky Park, where you can chat with the most beautiful husky dogs, tinker with puppies and go dog sledding.
By the way, summer Levi is no less beautiful and famous for its golf courses, which are open around the clock during the polar day..