Tours in Tampere (Finland). Holidays in Tampere: photos, tours

Tours in Tampere

The Finns themselves consider this city the most attractive for life, and therefore more than 200 thousand people have chosen it as a place of residence. It is located in the south of the country and tours in Tampere are chosen by fans of the dim beauty of northern nature. The city is surrounded by two hundred lakes, each of which is a source of the purest drinking water.

History with geography

A trading settlement on these lands was founded in 1775 by the Swedish king Gustav III, and just a few years later Tampere proudly bore the status of a city, although it occupied an area ten times smaller than today. As part of the Russian Empire, then called Tammerfors, the city represented half of the industrial power of the whole of Finland, for which it received the unofficial nickname "North Manchester".
Tampere lies between two large lakes connected by a river. She divides it into two parts, and her fast flow simultaneously serves as a source of electricity for the city..

Briefly about the important

  • Tampere has an international airport that provides low-cost flights to anywhere in Europe. For Russian travelers, tours in Tampere are also a way to fly to Paris or Berlin very cheaply..
  • The easiest way to get to Tampere is from St. Petersburg. A train from the northern capital of Russia or fixed-route taxis leave every day.
  • The climate in the Finnish city is considered moderate, and the sea plays a significant role in the formation of the weather. The winter is snowy here, but there are almost no severe frosts, the summer is rather cool and short-lived. The snow cover is stable throughout the winter and does not disappear until mid-April.

Moomins live here

One of the places in Finland where it is so nice to come with a little traveler is in Tampere. The Moomins Museum is a huge success among young tour participants in Tampere and the very first representative of the funny people meets visitors right at the entrance to the city library, where the exposition is located.
The five-story Moomin House was built in 1970 by the author of books about fairy-tale heroes and several architects and artists. Today, almost two thousand exhibits are exhibited in the 2.5-meter-high house, and the number of languages ​​in which Tove Jansson's books are presented here is difficult to count.
The kids also love the other museum exhibitions in Tampere. Together with their parents, they willingly visit the Boxing and Hockey Museum, the Pharmacy Museum and the Mobilia car museum. Särkänniemi Amusement Park offers young guests and adults on tours in Tampere, educational programs in the planetarium and walks in the zoo, performances in the dolphinarium and watching the inhabitants of the huge aquarium.