Travel to Finland

Travel to Finland

Traveling to Finland is a great choice. In addition, traveling around the country, thanks to the excellent transport system, will be completely unforgettable..

Country roads

Traffic rules do not differ from the usual ones. At the same time, the piste coverage is just perfect, and the road signs and clear signs make the trip comfortable..

Quite often, forest dwellers - deer and elk - come out onto the roads. But in areas where animals appear most often, there are necessary warning signs..

The country has its own speed limit. So, outside cities and other settlements, it is allowed to accelerate only up to 100 km / h. On the territory of cities, a speed limit of 60 km / h is set. But on the main highway the speed can already reach 120 km / h.

Public transport

Traveling by public transport guarantees a comfortable journey as it meets all international standards.

Both buses and trains only offer first class travel. Bus and train routes will help you get anywhere in the country. And in just a couple of hours of flight, you can be on the other side of the country.

Transport companies in Finland often offer a variety of promotions. For example, couples are offered various discounts on tickets. Especially often such pleasant compliments of the company are made in the summer, when guests of the country are offered to purchase tickets that allow them to travel around Finland without any restrictions in a certain period of time..

City transport

The ticket will cost you 2.5 euros, but it gives you the right to travel by any type of transport, even with transfers within the next hour. You can buy it either from the driver or from the conductor if you took a trolleybus.

For trips in the metro, it is preferable to buy tickets from special machines. The price is 2 euros. It should be remembered that there are no turnstiles, like ours, in the Helsinki metro, so you must keep your ticket until the end of the trip. Supervisors carry out checks very often, and the fine will cost you as much as 80 euros.

If you are planning long walks with numerous trips, then it is more convenient to buy a daily ticket. It will cost you 6.8 euros. There is a 50% discount on children's tickets.


Quite a convenient way to get around the city center. There are 26 parking lots in Helsinki where you can rent a bike. The rented vehicles are painted bright green and have yellow wheels. Renting a bike will cost 2 euros, but you will definitely get your money back when you return it.