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Night Paris

Night Paris

Romantic and beautiful, Paris is surprisingly suitable for walking at any time of the day or night. And if in the morning it is especially pleasant to have a cup of coffee with a croissant in one of the street cafes scattered around the ring of its boulevards, then nightlife Paris offers entertainment of a completely different nature. Along with dusk, the time for amazing entertainment comes to the French capital - bright, tickling nerves, awakening hundreds of different feelings and emotions.

Naked temples

This is what the cabaret of Paris is often called. Their history began in the last century, but over the years the cancan genre has not lost its charm at all. The perfect beauty of the dancers, vivid special effects, expensive champagne and an incendiary show are the main components of the quality nightlife in Paris. And what else is needed for happiness for a traveler tired of the day's excursion program??
It is in the cabaret style that the show of the famous fashion designer Thierry Mugler is performed. He does nothing by half, and therefore his performance at the Comedy Theater is an amazing performance with unsurpassed acrobatic stunts, mesmerizing dances, 3D effects and an endless change of costumes. The dinner menu has been developed by a haute cuisine restaurant, and real French champagne will add luxury and glamor to the events..

Love triangle

Boulevard Clichy has long become a household name for those who are looking for special entertainment in Paris at night. The "triangle of passions" is formed by the metro stations Blanche, Pigalle and Place de Clichy. It is here that cabarets and sex shops, cafes and strip bars, cheap hotels where you can rent a room for an hour, and shops of a corresponding focus are concentrated..
On the famous "Boulevard of Love" the oldest Parisian cabaret "Moulin Rouge" is invitingly glowing in the night. Its interiors are well known to fans of the work of the genius Toulouse-Lautrec, who had an irresistible passion for local dancers and who was an undoubted fan of Paris at night..

Options are possible

For those who are awake, Paris at night can have a pretty decent reputation. Here you can indulge in a variety of fairly innocent entertainments:

  • Book a sightseeing tour of the city at night at any travel agency and admire the magnificent illumination, thanks to which all city attractions appear, literally, in a new light.
  • Visit the bar and try one of the hundreds of cocktails that local virtuosos tirelessly invent behind the counter.
  • Go to a nightclub and appreciate the interior and music, which in Paris at night can be different in style, but always very fashionable and of high quality.


  • Night Paris
  • Night Paris