Streets of Paris - photo, name. List of famous streets in Paris

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris

Parisian streets attract with their pleasant atmosphere and beauty. They are unique, have preserved the medieval layout and are a reflection of the historical events that took place in the city. The most beautiful streets of Paris are of interest to tourists.

The best places in the capital

Paris is made up of wide streets and boulevards that form a dense network. Between them is a maze of small streets.

The most famous projects in the city are the Champs Elysees, which begin near the Arc de Triomphe. This street reaches the Freedom Square. The Champs Elysees have existed not so long ago, previously there were meadows in their place. Today there are restaurants, hotels, theaters, boutiques, travel agencies, shopping centers, clubs. Champs Elysees is considered the central street of Paris.

Streets such as Vaugirard, Rivoli, Rue de Rose, Anatoly France and others are also interesting. Antique shops and art galleries can be seen on rue Saint-Honoré. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the President's residence are also located here. A popular shopping street is Muffetar, where many shops are located.

Old Parisian streets

Rivoli is one of the oldest streets. It was laid back in 1806 and named after the victorious battle of Napoleon. The street runs along the right bank of the Seine and is famous for its many attractions. Among them are the Tuileries Gardens, the Saint-Jacques Tower, the Palais-Royal, the Louvre and others. Rivoli is also the longest street in the French capital. Its beginning is considered to be St. Paul's Square. Rue de Rivoli has preserved the spirit of the old town. However, it is a great shopping destination. Here tourists can buy souvenirs from artisans, antiques and other goods..

Vaugirard is a very long street. It starts near the Luxembourg Gardens and runs for 4.3 km along the left bank of the Seine. Bohemian places are concentrated on the rue Saint-Paul. The oldest place in Paris is the Gobelin rue.

The French capital has areas that become dangerous at night. These include Montmartre, the Red Light District, streets near the Gare du Nord and Pigalle Square. Many streets in Paris have sidewalks no more than two meters wide. In the Mare quarter, there are streets no wider than 1 m.The shortest street Degre is about 5 m long.

A distinctive feature of Paris is the cafe tables located right on the sidewalks. If the street is narrow, then the visitors of the cafe occupy the sidewalk.

Photos of the streets of Paris

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