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Tours in Bordeaux

Tours in Bordeaux

The French call Bordeaux the Port of the Moon - a city nestled on the banks of the gracefully curving Garonne. She divides it into right and left banks, each of which can captivate fans of architecture from the times of early classicism for a long time. It is no coincidence that UNESCO includes the Port of the Moon in the World Heritage List, and tours to Bordeaux are popular not only among lovers of the famous wine.

History with geography

The Celts also founded Bordeaux in the 1st century BC, but soon Julius Caesar appropriated the city and even made it the capital of Aquitaine Gaul. Until the Middle Ages, Bordeaux were not famous for anything, until the era of winemaking began. The local claret was so fond of the British that local craftsmen from the Medoc and Lafite regions tirelessly sealed bottles for export to the capital of Foggy Albion.
Today, in the vicinity of the city, there are up to fifteen hundred wineries, many of which tour participants in Bordeaux can take excursions for tastings and acquaintance with the technology of the process..

Burgundy or wine?

It turns out that the name of the well-known burgundy shade of color comes from this region of France. The word owes its birth to red wines from the grapes of marlot, malbec and cabernet. To make sure how beautiful the wine shades are, at least two million travelers annually make tours to Bordeaux, including Russian guests..
You can find yourself in the city of French wine glory in several ways, the easiest of which is a train from Paris, which can take the suffering to a grape and wine paradise in just three hours..

For cognitive status

To give your trip a useful and educational value, in between tastings, you can visit some of Bordeaux's museums:

  • The art museum is famous for works by Rubens, Titian and Van Dyck. Masterpieces by Matisse and Picasso are presented as examples of contemporary art..
  • The Aquitaine Museum is ready to tell all about Bordeaux's past. Its halls contain unique artifacts from the period of Roman antiquity and the early Christian era.
  • The Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, which is housed in an architectural monument of the 18th century, willingly demonstrates ceramics and jewelry works of old masters to the participants of the tour in Bordeaux..
  • Those who do not forget for a moment what exactly brought the city true world fame should look into the Museum of Wine and Wine Trade, whose exhibits are located, as usual, in underground cellars..


  • Tours in Bordeaux
  • Tours in Bordeaux