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Christmas in Cologne

Christmas in Cologne

Christmas in Cologne is a special time when city streets begin “drown” in the festive lights, Christmas melodies are heard everywhere, the aroma of pancakes, roasted chestnuts and cinnamon ...

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Cologne

On the first day of Advent, the Germans set up a mistletoe wreath in the place of honor, lighting 1 candle on it every week (on Sundays) before the holiday begins. During the Christmas holidays in Cologne, not Santa Claus is in charge, but Weihnachtsmann, and the Germans decorate the Christmas tree with candles, nuts and candy.

On the holiday itself, the hostesses treat their family with potato salad with sausages, fried carp or goose in apples, as well as gingerbread with glaze.

Entertainment and celebrations in Cologne

You can go ice skating on the Eiszauber artificial ice rink on the Heumarkt square (while skating on rented skates, you can admire the Old Town at the same time).

If you wish, you can go for a walk along the Rhine, for example, on a saloon ship “MS Stolzenfels” - travelers will be treated to a Christmas meal, festive pastries and other culinary delights. A show program will be waiting for them on the boat trip, and Christmas itself can be seen on the water as part of a festive party.

Travelers embarking on a tourist route during the holidays “Manger road”, will be able to visit city sites - there will be a Christmas nursery (all of them reflect different historical eras and cultures).

From November 11 until Christmas, it's worth a visit to the Weihnachtsfest Christmas Festival.

Christmas markets in Cologne

Cologne Christmas markets are open from November 24 to December 23.

The Christmas market next to Cologne Cathedral deserves special attention. Here you can not only acquire the necessary things and trifles, but also enjoy a variety of treats, and listen to a variety of music every evening (jazz, rock, traditional church German carols, church chants).

If you decide to visit the floating fair, welcome to the ship “MS Wappen von Mainz” - here they sell exclusive souvenirs and Christmas tree decorations, aromatic oils, tea, leather goods and collectible coins.

With children, you should go to the Christmas market on the Alter Markt square - here they will be delighted with the presence of a large carousel and a puppet theater. In addition, they will be able to meet with Nikolaus and receive a toy from him as a gift..

Christmas fairs open on city squares and are distinguished by their own flavor, design of shopping pavilions and even ceramic mugs in which mulled wine is sold (they take a deposit for them, and if you decide to keep one for yourself, just do not return the mug).

It is worth noting that you can get from one Christmas market to another by a small train that runs around Cologne on a special route (from one shopping place to another).


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  • Christmas in Cologne
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