Capital of Guatemala: map, photo. What is the capital city in Guatemala?

Capital of Guatemala

The capital of Guatemala has the same name as the country. The indigenous people call it very affectionately - Guate, while the official name of the main city of the state sounds pathetic and solemn. The old name of the city is New Guatemala of the Ascension.

The modern capital is not too affectionate to guests, dangers lie in wait at every step. At the same time, it is a very colorful city, where history and modernity are intertwined in a tight, multi-colored, very bright tangle..

Former Santiago

The founding year of the future capital of Guatemala is known - 1524, as well as its founders, the conquistadors. The city of Santiago appeared first, but it was buried under the ash and lava of a formidable volcano. It was decided to build a new main city of Antigua, but he was not lucky - the same story with the earthquake.

Charles III, the Spanish king, decided to return the capital to its original place. This is how the city with the already well-known name - Guatemala, appeared, although during its history it had to endure the consequences of volcanic eruptions more than once. Therefore, the city today cannot boast of a large number of historical monuments..

Historical Center

And yet in Guatemala City you can have fun exploring the main attractions, among which the most interesting are:

  • the historical center with preserved old buildings;
  • religious buildings, first of all, Christian churches;
  • museums representing the history and culture of ancient and modern Guatemala.

Which of the directions to choose - each Guatemalan guest decides for himself. But there is one place in the capital where every traveler comes - the National Palace. Its architecture is interesting, representing a cocktail of traditional Guatemalan, colonial and French neoclassicism. Inside, tourists pay attention to the beautiful frescoes of the local artist Alfredo Suarez, who reproduced the history of Guatemala from colonial times to independence.

Previously, the palace served as the headquarters of the President of Guatemala. But given its artistic, historical and cultural value, it was decided to create a museum in it. Sightseeing tours of the halls of the palace are now held, vernissages, exhibitions of modern painting or sculpture are often held.