Prices in Guatemala - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Guatemala

Prices in Guatemala

Prices in Guatemala are not high: milk costs $ 1.1 / 1 l, tomatoes - $ 0.9 / 1 kg, potatoes - $ 1.16 / 1 kg, and lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost you $ 5.

Shopping and souvenirs

In Guatemala, you can make very profitable purchases, and when bargaining, the original price can be knocked down by a third.

You can buy various souvenirs for relatives and friends, as well as unique items for your interior and wardrobe, in local antique shops, jewelry stores, and markets. For shopping, you should definitely go to Chichicastenango - there is the famous Indian market (it is open on Thursdays and Sundays).

What to bring as a souvenir of your vacation in Guatemala?

  • carpets, mascot figures, jewelry, antiques, wool products (ponchos), national clothes of all kinds of colors, Mayan stone products, Mayan calendars, ritual masks, Indian bags, souvenirs with the image of the quetzal bird (the symbol of the country), jade products , pottery (mugs with lids, lamps, candlesticks), Guatemalan wooden mugs decorated with drawings of animals and gods, wicker items (bags, purses), national dolls in clothes decorated with embroidery;
  • chocolate, coffee, rum.

In Guatemala, you can buy coffee from $ 5, mascot figurines - from $ 6-7, ceramics - from $ 9, ponchos - from $ 15, rum - from $ 10, Mayan calendars - from $ 3.5.

Excursions and entertainment

On a tour of Antigua Guatemala, you will see colonial-style churches and cathedrals, visit a colorful bazaar where you can buy folk art. As part of the excursion, you will walk around the square with a mermaid fountain and a factory store (here you can buy jewelry with jade). This excursion will cost you $ 50.

If you wish, it is worth taking a boat trip on Lake Atitlan (you can enjoy beautiful views: the lake is located in the volcano's caldera and is surrounded by picturesque mountains). For this excursion, you will pay approximately $ 70.


Public transport in the country is represented by camioneta (old state school buses), which can be stopped even at the intersection. The fare is not high ($ 0.2), but even during a short trip there is a high risk of becoming a victim of a pickpocket or being attacked.

For this reason, it is advisable to travel by tourist shuttles: the fare for this type of transport is several times more expensive (it all depends on the distance and the degree of comfort of the bus), but it is safe (you will be picked up from the hotel and brought back). So, for example, you can get from Antigua to Copan for $ 15, from Guatemala City to Tikal by an economy class bus for $ 30, and a luxury bus for $ 50.

If you decide to rent a car, then, for example, renting a jeep will cost you $ 120 / day.

If you are an unassuming tourist, then on vacation in Guatemala you will need about $ 30 per day for 1 person, but for a more comfortable stay, you should have an amount at the rate of $ 50-60 per day for 1 person.