Guatemala resorts: photos, description

Guatemala Resorts

Central American Guatemala is an exotic country in every sense. Here, not only the monuments of the Mayan pre-Columbian civilization have been preserved, but the inhabitants themselves call themselves Maya and speak an ancient language that has nothing to do with Spanish. The beach resorts in Guatemala do not have a huge number of modern hotels, and the rooms in the beach hotels are bungalows in the form of a hut with a mosquito net. True connoisseurs of exotic come here not for comfort and technical bells and whistles. They are attracted by kilometers of wild beaches, on which it is so pleasant to meet the dawn or see off the sun on a nightly journey into the ocean abyss..

Between two oceans

Guatemala's beach resorts are located on the shores of two oceans at once - the Pacific and the Atlantic:

  • Livingston, on the Gulf of Honduras on the Atlantic coast, is not an easy place to get to. The delivery of tourists here is carried out by boats from Puerto Barrios or from Belize. The local beaches are considered one of the most beautiful in Central America, and the lack of high-quality hotels does not bother lovers of secluded relaxation by the ocean..
  • Puerto Barrios next door is a fairly large resort in Guatemala, where there is even a local airport. Its picturesque harbor, clean beaches and the presence of a modest infrastructure attract quite a large number of tourists to the city..
  • Puerto San Jose and Ciamperico in the Pacific are fishing villages where tourism has boomed in recent years. So far, locals can only offer guests bungalows on the shore of palm leaves with partial amenities, but even this method of accommodation does not frighten travelers who prefer solitude..

Visiting the Mayans

Tours to the resorts of Guatemala are booked by passionate fans of the pre-Columbian Central American civilizations and their rich historical and cultural heritage. Unlike the "untwisted" Mexican ruins, Guatemalan ruins are located, at times, in the impenetrable jungle and even the road to them turns into a real adventure.
The most popular and included in all albums with photographs of world sights of Tikal or the little-known but very interesting Nakum, in Guatemala there is a place to enjoy the heritage of the ancestors of the modern Maya Indians.