Holidays in Goa - photo. Summer Holidays in Goa 2015

Holidays in Goa

Holidays in Goa

Holidays in Goa, in this tropical paradise, are chosen by newlyweds, couples with children, divers, travelers who value comfort, as well as those who love incendiary parties and beautiful pristine nature..

The main types of recreation in Goa

  • Beachfront: in North Goa, you can relax on the beaches of Sinkerim and Candolim - despite the fact that it is quite crowded, in any case there are fewer people here than on the beaches of Baga and Calangute. Numerous tourists rush to each of them for all kinds of water activities, and in the evening - for trans-parties. Fans of secluded relaxation should head for the beaches of South Goa - Majorda, Betalbatim, Utorda (stock up on drinks and snacks): it is clean, calm, but there is no entertainment.
  • Excursion: on excursions you will see the forts of Alorna and Aguada, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the Cathedral of St. Catherine. If you wish, you can go on a tour “Night North Goa”, go on a sea cruise “Vasco da Gama's gold”, in the spice garden “Savoy”, at the mysterious Dudhsagara waterfall, in the Bondla nature reserve (on its territory there is a Botanical Garden, a rose garden, a zoo where you can meet deer, buffaloes, elephants, bears).
  • Active: Goa offers diving, paintball, elephant trekking, crocodile hunting in the mangroves of the Mandovi and Kumbarhua rivers.
  • Wellness: Goa invites its guests to take a course of Ayurvedic treatments, but for best results, you should devote at least 2.5-3 weeks to this. So, you can take a course of oil massage, cleansing the body of Panchakarma, treatment with natural drugs.


The price level for tours to Goa depends on the season. Goa is best visited in November-April. This period is considered a high season, so prices rise noticeably, but it all depends on where you will be resting: in the northern part of the resort it is fun and noisy, and prices for tours are quite democratic, and in the southern part, prices can jump by about half (measured rest for wealthy tourists). A jump in the growth of the cost of vouchers to Goa is observed during the New Year holidays..

The only way to save money is to catch a hot tour to Goa, make a reservation in advance, or go to the resort in the off-season. If you don't want to experience everything “charms” acclimatization, it is better not to do this - in the off-season it is very stuffy and it rains constantly.

On a note!

Since the sun is very active in Goa, so you don't get sunburned, bring high SPF sun protection. It should be borne in mind that outside the beaches girls are not recommended to wear swimsuits, short skirts and shorts, and men with a naked torso..

Since tipping is widespread in Goa, it is worth leaving a reward in the form of a small amount of money for all services rendered to you..

It is worth bringing local port wine, tea, spices, Indian cosmetics, wood and leather goods, jewelry, handmade carpets from Goa.

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  • Holidays in Goa
  • Holidays in Goa