Excursions to Goa. Sightseeing tours in Goa

Excursions to Goa

Excursions to Goa

Goa is considered the main resort in India, where both couples with children and young people can relax. Excursions to Goa will help you get to know as closely as possible the history and culture of this most developed resort in all respects of the country.

Goa is a state that is located in the southwestern part of the country and is subdivided into South Goa and North Goa.

Excursions in South Goa

Excursions are usually conventionally divided into thematic and sightseeing. You can book a combined excursion, during which you will visit several different sites. If you decide to go on sightseeing excursions in Goa to the city of Margao, then you should definitely visit the following sights of this beautiful ancient city:

  • Chapel of Saint Sebastian.
  • Chapel of Monte.
  • Pandava caves.
  • Church of the Holy Spirit.

Themed excursions should, first of all, include visits to sites of cultural and historical value, as well as visits to beautiful natural attractions..

The main excursion sites in the south of Goa:

  • Fort Cabo de Rama. One of the largest and oldest forts in the state, which was built in 1679 by order of local rulers, and in 1763 this fort was restored by the Portuguese.
  • Church of St. Anthony.
  • Cotigao Nature Reserve. This reserve is the second largest in Goa. High interest among tourists is caused by multi-storey forests and interesting rare plants..
  • Local beaches. Beaches called Mobor, Varca, Betul, Cavelossim and many others are very popular..

Excursions in North Goa

The list of villages located in the north of Goa, which may be of interest to tourists:

  • Ashvem. From Morjim to this village you can get there in three minutes by bike. It's a quieter place and more affordable housing prices..
  • Anjuna is a village located near Vagator and Chapora. It can be reached by bike in five minutes. This place is perfect for single tourists..
  • Vagator. This place is most loved by young tourists, as there are a lot of clubs, cafes and restaurants..
  • Mandrem. It is a calm village with no clubs or bars. Ideal for families with small children.

There are absolutely different excursions on Goa. They differ among themselves in terms of duration, subject matter and other criteria. Basically, the majority of tourists visit Goa sites such as beaches, natural monuments and attractions that are associated with the religion, culture and history of this beautiful place..

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  • Excursions to Goa
  • Excursions to Goa