Indonesian holidays are traditions. National holidays of Indonesia

Indonesia Holidays

Indonesia Holidays

Indonesia is a country where guests are always welcome. It is pleasant to relax here at any time of the year, since the summer on these islands never ends. And the holidays of Indonesia invariably delight with their colorfulness.

Bali Art Festival

Bali is a real paradise on earth, where hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the planet strive to get. Every year, Denpasar, the largest city on the island, becomes the venue for an arts festival, where representatives of many countries come. Usually a quiet city with a touch of provincialism these days becomes incredibly bright and festive. Various performances, parades, dance processions, creative contests are held here..

The history of the holiday is relatively short. He is only three decades old, but even this time was quite enough to gain worldwide popularity..

Painting Day

It is believed that the life of Eastern women is significantly different from the European version and for them, traditionally, home, children and family remain in the first place. But this is far from the case. The fairer sex has long achieved the right to receive education, and therefore even hold high government posts. And life itself is not limited to pots and wiping snotty noses.

And on April 21, Indonesia celebrates a holiday, an analogue of our March 8. It is dedicated to a young woman, Raden Ayu Kartini, who has dedicated her life to the struggle for gender equality.

The holiday is celebrated on the territory of all islands. Women on this day by all means dress in the national outfit of the Javanese, which is a complex construction of fabric. Wearing it is quite difficult, but, nevertheless, it does not scare feminists at all. In addition, various creative and culinary competitions, seminars and meetings are held everywhere, organized by women's associations and educational institutions..

Galungan Festival

The venue for this vibrant religious event is Bali. The festival lasts ten days and ends with the Kank Ngan holiday.
Like any religious celebration, Galungan contains a huge number of rituals and ceremonies. In general, residents are sure that during the festival the spirits of their ancestors and gods descend to earth..

The inhabitants of the island are preparing for the holiday very carefully. Houses are cleaned, and all family members will certainly get new clothes. On the eve of the first day of Galungan, women prepare festive dishes.

Men do not remain idle either. They are engaged in decorating high bamboo poles - Penjor. The pole in this case is a symbol of the holy Mount Agung and serves as gratitude to the gods for the harvest. A similar Penjor can be seen at the entrance to every house..


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  • Indonesia Holidays
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