Provinces of Iran: photo, map. Regions of Iran

Provinces of Iran

Provinces of Iran

The territories of the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, formerly known as Persia, are located in the southwestern part of Asia. Its closest neighbors are Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkey and Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan..

Some provinces of Iran are washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, some of the territories are successfully located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, more precisely, the Persian and Oman Gulfs.

Complex geography

The main territory of the country is occupied by the Iranian plateau, so the panoramas opening up from above are simply breathtaking. Around for hundreds of kilometers mountain ranges, chains and spurs stretch, and between them in deep gorges are blue snakes of rivers.

The eastern parts of Iran are ruled by salt marshes and semi-deserts, moist masses from the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas cannot get here in any way, so the formation of desert territories is inevitable. The exception is the few islands of oases.

Religious tourism

The war between Iran and Iraq has severely damaged the tourism industry. People were simply afraid to go here so as not to get into a war zone or become hostage to one of the warring parties..

The fragile peace concluded allowed Iran to reopen the gates for tourists, and the first timid swallows have already moved into the country. Most of the guests are religious pilgrims living in neighboring countries. Their main goal is to visit Mashhad or Qum, to worship the shrines of the Muslim world. Rare European tourists are interested in archaeological sites and preserved monuments of Persian culture.

Masterpieces among souvenirs

The fame of Persian carpets has lived on the planet for more than one century. Ancient masterpieces of masters or modern Iranian carpets amaze the imagination of an inexperienced tourist. A riot of colors, patterns, bizarre ornaments, as if some higher powers help to create a miracle almost by hand.

Not lagging behind in quality of performance and motley stoles that will adorn any woman. Ladies will appreciate the finest porcelain, painted with delicate patterns, men will be delighted with the work of local chasers. Miniature sculptures made of ceramics, bones, wood will adorn any interior, and will remind you of the amazing Persia and talented craftsmen.

Photos of Iranian provinces

  • Provinces of Iran
  • Provinces of Iran
  • Provinces of Iran