How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow? Flight time Eilat - Moscow

How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow?

In Eilat, you managed to walk along one of the hiking trails in the nature reserve of the Eilat Mountains, see the Masada fortress, go windsurfing, swim with dolphins in “Dolphin reef”, catch barracuda and tuna on a fishing trip, spend time in an amusement park “Kings city eilat”, Timna Park, an entertainment center “Ice space” and underwater complex “Underwater observatory”, relax on the Camel Farm, where you were entertained with an educational excursion and allowed to ride a camel? And soon you will have a return flight to Moscow?

How long to fly from Eilat to Moscow (direct flight)?

Eilat is 2,900 km away from the Russian capital (you will spend about 4 hours on the road). For example, “Vim avia” takes you to “Domodedovo” in 3 hours 55 minutes.

17,500 rubles is the average price you will be asked to pay for an Eilat-Moscow ticket (in May, June and July there is a chance to come across tickets priced at 12,100 rubles). If we talk about connecting flights, then, for example, at “Aeroflot” tickets cost from 16,500 rubles, and “Transaero” - from 11,600 rubles.

Flight Eilat-Moscow with transfers

From Eilat to Moscow, as a rule, they fly through Brussels, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Riga and other cities (such flights take from 7 to 21 hours). The most popular connecting city on this route is Tel Aviv, so the duration of your flight directly depends on the services of which carriers you use. So, with “IsrairAirlines” and “El Al” your way home will take 9.5 hours, with “Israir Airlines” and “Transaero” - 11.5 hours, s “Arkia Israel Airlines” and “El Al” - 7 o'clock.

Choosing an air carrier

The way home can be reached by aircraft (ATR 72, Boeing 737-800, Airbus A 330-300) owned by the following companies: “Arkia Israel Airlines”; “Israir Airlines”; “Vim avia”; “Transaero”; “S7”.

The Eilat-Moscow flight is operated by employees of Eilat Airport (ETH), located 60 km from the city. Here, before leaving for your homeland, you can have a bite to eat at food outlets, contact the staff at information desks, take a break in comfortable waiting rooms, purchase the necessary goods in grocery stores, a bookstore, boutiques with cosmetics and souvenirs, and wine shops. And little fidgets can be allowed to frolic in the Baby-room before departure..

What to do with yourself on the plane?

The flight will allow you to decide who to make happy with the presentation of gifts bought in Eilat, in the form of sweet pomegranates, date honey, hummus, Israeli wines, icons, a candlestick - menorah, cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals, jewelry.


  • How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Eilat to Moscow?